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Wednesday Wonder Woman: DeBraisha T. Hale

DeBraisha T. Hale is a former educator of 17 years and is now a six-figure Bling Boss, an author, a motivational speaker, and a style influencer. She is a woman who believes in supporting and empowering other women. 

Hale began her network marketing journey in 2015, where she utilized her teaching abilities to build a team of more than 93,000 people. This opportunity positioned DeBraisha to be able to help people all over the world and build long-lasting relationships. As a woman who believed in hard work, consistency, faith, all things are possible, and having an open mindset, she was able to move to the Top 1 percent of her company. 

In the last two years, she has become a licensed realtor in Georgia and Alabama and a published author. She has always believed in multiple streams of income. Being a mother of two, Hale believes it is vital that she leaves a legacy for her children and be a role model for all young women.

Hale currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband, Will, and two daughters, Kennedy and Kendall.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes DeBraisha, DeBraisha? 

DeBraisha: My SWAGHER is my ENERGY! Positive, Passionate, and PURPOSEFUL. I am full of life and always bring a positive vibe to the circle. I live a purpose-filled life and find my daily motivation from my inner being with prayer and a positive attitude and mindset. Mindset is everything; our thoughts and how we handle situations can make or break the energy we give off.

Christina: Tell us about your time as an educator. What inspired you to become an educator? Why did you end up leaving the field of education? 

DeBraisha: I was a former educator for 17 years. I love helping people and science! I was always impressed by the teachings of science. I majored in Biology Education and was a science teacher for four years before becoming a Professional School Counselor. 

I enjoyed my students and most of their parents. Making a difference in someone’s life is a blessing to me. I am a people person, and if I am able to assist by teaching, giving hope, finding a way, and making the impossible possible, then I know I am walking in my purpose. I believe that when I retired after 17 years and three degrees, God opened the doors for me to reach more people and have more flexibility of my schedule.

When I decided to get into direct sales/network marketing, it was to make extra income after my husband, and I had our first child. In less than two years, we hit a rank that put us in the top 1 percent of the company. I was working full time, building an empire, we had our second child, and I was back in school. Life was busy and overwhelming for my family and me, and it came to the point of walking by faith and me leaving the field of education as a school counselor but never leaving the work and passion of education.

Christina: What sparked your interest in network marketing? 

DeBraisha: I had a line sister who shared the opportunity with me, and at that time, I was working on starting a business. I wanted something I could do on my own time, which would allow me to help others.

Christina: What three tips can you give someone struggling with marketing themselves or their business? 

DeBraisha:  I suggest they write down five things they would want the world to know about them. Number them in order from 1 to 5, and then make a note to share those three things daily on their social media platforms. BE CONSISTENT! SHOW UP! BE VISIBLE! Incorporate a DMO (daily method of operation). Be sure to set your day where you have time to work your business daily.

Christina: Tell us about your book. Have you always wanted to be a published author? Where can readers go to purchase it? 

DeBraisha: I co-authored a book with some of the top network marketers in the world. My chapter focuses on the 10 Core Commitments of achieving your desired success. Some of the things that I speak on when it comes to business is having a why. We all need to have a reason why we decided to do what we chose to do. Make it personal! I have a link where it can be purchased through Paypal. I thought about writing a book a few years ago and started taking notes. It worked out that I was approached to partner with this network marketing book last year.

Christina: How has being a mother changed and shaped your life? 

DeBraisha: I love being a mom! It keeps me busy and young. It makes balance challenging for me, but it pushed me to start another stream of income. It made me really look at what type of legacy I wanted to leave my two daughters. I want to be the best example to them: all things are possible with God, hard work, faith, and determination. My 6-year-old was diagnosed with autism about three years ago, and it has helped me to learn to have more patience and share our experiences as things unfold in our life.

Christina: Why did you decide to go into real estate? 

DeBraisha: I love having the flexibility of my own time. I also know when it’s time for me to make moves. I attended real estate school in my early 20s and felt it was time for me to revisit the field and become a licensed realtor in Georgia. I love helping people, and home ownership is so vital for our population. 

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share? 

DeBraisha: I would like to share this, and I learned this on my journey. Protect your time and set boundaries. You can’t be everything for everyone else if you do not take time for yourself.


Connect with DeBraisha below: 


Instagram: @msdee0 & @closingdealsinheels77

Facebook: DeBraisha Toney-Hale

Tiktok: @thatdivadee



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