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Wednesday Wonder Woman: Nashonta McDowell is a Beauty Boss Chick

Nashonta McDowell is contributing to the efficacy of Black and Brown skincare with her beauty brands Kiia Bath & Body and Kb skincare. The business entrepreneur has gotten the necessary training, becoming an esthetician before branching off into creating her distinctive skincare brands that are designed with women of color in mind. Read Nashonta’s exclusive interview with SwagHer to get some insight into this beauty boss chick!

Angelica: What prompted you to become an esthetician and start your own skincare businesses Kiia Bath & Body and Kb skincare?

Nashonta: A couple of years ago I originally wanted to open a spa, but wanted to have knowledge in the industry. In 2019 I met a finance professor and I asked him what I could invest in, and he told me to invest in myself. I knew that was a sign from God, so I enrolled in school in November of 2019. 

Angelica: How is your skincare brand transforming the skincare industry, particularly for Black women?

Nashonta: It is providing products that cater to our skincare needs. Black and Brown people’s skin is different. We need certain products that help with hyperpigmentation and dryness, etc. My goal is to continue to educate Black women [about skincare].

Angelica: In what ways do your skills and experience as an esthetician help you in formulating your skincare products? 

Nashonta: Since becoming an esthetician,I am more knowledgeable of what each ingredient does, especially when it comes to anti-aging ingredients. 

Angelica: What are some of the benefits for someone using your skincare products? 

Nashonta: My products don’t come with a lot of filler ingredients. [There are] less than 20 ingredients [in my products, [and they’re either] lightly scented or [have] no scent at all. [My products are also] very affordable. 

Angelica: Why is it important for there to be Black-owned skincare brands?  

Nashonta: It’s important for someone to represent us. No one knows what’s best for our skin other than the person who is in that skin.

Angelica: What differentiates Kiia Bath & Body and Kb skin care from other skin care brands?

Nashonta: I am a one-woman team. I manufacture and create everything myself.

Angelica: How does it feel to be a Black woman thriving in the beauty industry?

Nashonta: It feels great. I  love what I do, and I love helping people. 

Angelica: Name three of your brand’s top products and what they’re useful for? 

Nashonta: Body Butters-MOISTURIZER, Green Tea Cleanser-Facial Cleanser and Soy Candles. 

Angelica: How can people reach you on social media?

Nashonta:  IG- @k.bskincare Facebook-@Kb Skincare 

Angelica: What is the name of your website and how can a customer find it? 






Angelica Cheyenne | Angelica Cheyenne is the Managing Editor of SwagHer Magazine, and is a contributing writer to BuzzFeed. Cheyenne also has over 6 years of experience in on-hair hosting, entertainment reporting, social media management and holds a B.A. in Communications and Journalism from California State University, Dominguez Hills.


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