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Wellness Practices for Fall

Fall is a wonderful time of year! The intense heat of summer starts to wane, and for a time, we say, “Wow, it feels great out today!” It is a season of transitions. By September, the leaves start to show off colors other than green, the kiddos are adjusted to being back in school and playing Fall sports, and businesses are boxing up Back-To-School and unboxing pumpkins and mums. There is a lot to love about September to November (per the meteorological calendar)!

There is also many transitions for us as individuals. In the midst of school starting, switching the closet from Summer to fall, and preparing for the upcoming holidays, we MUST consider how we care for ourselves mentally and physically.  

Let’s talk physical first. Yes, exercise was the first thing to come to my mind also. But, it’s skincare that we want to focus on. Cooler temperatures tend to dry and dehydrate our skin as warmer temps fade into cooler weather (warm to cold for some of us). Because it is a gradual change, we may not realize our skin is simply reacting to the seasons. For example, your eczema doesn’t bother you during the summer, but is always in beast mode in the fall. Why? Summer months carry skin-loving warmth and moisture in the air; fall is cooler and drier – exacerbating skin conditions.

We can start protecting our skin immediately. Here are three easy ways:

  • Swap out light face moisturizers for heavier creams or face oils to protect from harsh cold or wind.
  • Lotion up right out of the shower! You’ll absorb and retain more of the moisturizing properties while pores are open.
  • Hydrate from the inside out for less breakouts. Your skin produces more oil as it dries out. If you’re acne-prone, autumn is a double whammy. So double up on water intake.

Bonus: Exfoliate a little less. The drier weather may already irritate the skin; maintaining your exfoliating routine will add to that. Don’t stop your healthy glow routine; replace exfoliating with moisturizers and protectants (sunscreen) from time to time.

Just as caring for our skin is critical this fall, so is mental and emotional care. Autumn anxiety is real and can occur for a number of reasons, like back to school and not as much sunlight.  

To combat getting more anxious this time of year, we must be intentional with mood boosters, such as:

  • Baking a favorite treat, then share it!
  • Put three drops of Frankincense, two drops of cedarwood, two drops of rose in an ultrasonic diffuser or oil warmer. These oils are known for boosting mood and invoke feelings of being calm and grounded.
  • Declutter it is liberating!

Ultimately, we want to enter fall happily and confidently, maintaining our youthful glow. Trying these low- to no-cost practices is a start. Let us know if they make a difference! Here’s to enjoying the season of transition, wonderful moments that fall brings, and protecting our Summer glow!


Article Written By: Kim Cross


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