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WGO: Chantell Mattier Talks the Benefits of SM Clinicals

Risa sits down with Chantell Mattier aka Skin Mayvenne, licensed medical esthetician and CEO of  SM Clinicals, a medical-grade skincare line.  

Skincare is personal and looks different for everyone.

SM Clinicals’s highly effective and proprietary patented ingredients keep your routine simple while helping your skin look and feel FLAWLESS!

Chantell shares what inspired her to move forward and create her own product line.


A Little About Chantell:

After spending many years in the United States Air Force as a Dental Manager, Chantell Mattier knew she wanted to do something different, something that she was passionate about, that gave her fulfillment and purpose.

Chantell had always been interested in the beauty industry, but it wasn’t until she received her first facial that she was totally hooked. The next year she was enrolled in school, and that began her esthetic career.

During Chantell’s 15+ years in esthetics, she has amassed over 2000 hours of formal training and licensing and 10,000+ treatment hours.

For more about SM Clinicals, visit https://smclinicals.com.

Instagram: @skinmayvene

Watch Chantell discuss her work as an esthetician. 


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