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When Will Black America Shoot Back?

During the upcoming midterm elections all of our shots have scored major wins. Click here to check your voting registration.

May is mental health awareness month in the United States, but in reality, one group has been under attack for their basic freedoms since the 1800s.  Black America is under attack as they are now the fourth living generation of African descendants of the transatlantic slave trade to deal with a version of mental enslavement. They still remain the only active race inside America whose origin story looks and sounds like the beginning of the popular animated film, Encanto.  A group of people running for their life.  The system of power in America is built against this specific group.

As white America continues to profit over the theft of indigenous tribal lands and free slave labor, we find ourselves in Buffalo, New York at a grocery store named Tops and a white boy from Conklin, New York named Neo-Nazi no. 5020829. As journalists, we should be mindful of codifying these monsters into historical written text by using their God given names. We reserve this honor to the fallen, to the many many MANY hashtags, and to their immediate communities who deal with more racist backlash when the mainstream reporters leave town for the next big headline. NPR recently had a change to their use of the term “manifesto.” We first heard of this term when the FBI was in search for the Unabomber.  White America has been emboldened in their privilege against every other citizen deemed an “other.” This means if you’re white but gay or trans, then you’re not a profiteer of White America.  So we really need these types of Whites to wake up too. If you have ovaries, yes you too, Karen.
White boys, like the 18-year-old from Conklin are afraid of Black leadership, so it triggers fellow white people to find their own type of leadership. These attempts always in turn reverts our “free society” back to slavery times. Hmm, someone once ran on a campaign titled Making America Great Again, but I digress. In the most under taught topic in American History, the Reconstruction Era, we find legal, political, and social proof of white evilness.  Yet we have never heard that term used in mass media. You know how in most of the slavery movies there’s always a master or a master’s child who seemingly “befriends” a slave. In the film Harriet, Harriet Tubman is portrayed by actor Cynthia Erivo, there’s a line where she emotionally confronts her master who is losing grasp of the plantation in the wake of his father’s death with a dose of humanity: “God don’t mean for people to own other people.”

They started whitewashing the realities of white evilness because they own the entire plantation turned country turned corporation. Recently, in Texas, legislation has passed to remove teachings of the Civil War, the 1619 project, hurting educators who try to circumvent an already whitewashed educational system. So when Democrats, white people who feel sick about the realities of their past, held up a Black Senator from Chicago as their leader, we elected the first Black President, twice.  In response, the Tea Party was launched, which assisted Trump to get away with overt racism on a mass scale to fire up deplorable voters who would covertly attack all the “other” others.
It went way left for the James Comey’s of the nation, but it has been a systemic plot to sully white voters away from the Hilary/Obama-kinds.  Each campaign is broken down demographically.  Someone said last week the women organizing Pro-Choice rallies were “over-educated.” The demographics of the Trump voters were under-educated. The GOP went into creative race-baiting overdrive, with major assists from opinion hosts on a major news network. Tucker, like Donald, are both “media personalities.” They understood these white people, like the one who let her daughter use bleach during COVID-19 and died or the one who got killed for being inside the Capitol building on January 6th 2021.
Women in power are a threat. Jews in power are a threat.  Muslims in power are a threat.  Black women in power are a threat. Kamala and Ketanji are a threat.  A white man like Joseph Biden is a threat because he holds up power that is deemed a threat. The only true threat to any Black person is ignorance of our own history.  If Tyler Perry sits on The Ellen Show in 2022 saying he can’t run in a white neighborhood at night because it isn’t safe, the rest of the non-Tyler skin color sharers have to do the work.  We need each other now, more than any other Civil Rights generation before us.
It ends in our lifetime because of all of this power. My power to write this story.  Your power to educate yourself.  Our financial power in community, both as laborers and spenders. Our power at the ballot box. Everything we see is meant for us to see. It fits that all this happened to a marginal community during mental health awareness month.  What is freedom? It remains by definition the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. There are no shackles. The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. There is no turning back, we are all we got.  It is the absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government. Black and Native America owns White America, free your mind and the rest is just profitable violence.

They will never remove the guns because they are the ones who brought them in. They will never feel equal because they have not sacrificed or worked for anything they’ve inherited. Furthermore, they only profit.  The scripture says the love of money is the root of all evil.  That’s a great place for Black America to start, back at the white man’s bible.


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