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Why The Black Owned Business Partnership with Creme of Nature Could Be A Financial Game Changer For HBCU Students

In lieu of Black History Month, SwagHer magazine sat down with business powerhouse, and Florida A&M University alumni, Jolorie Williams, General Manager of Revlon Multicultural and Contract Services. In our conversation, Jolorie shared her dedicated passion for both business and beauty wellness and how she has managed to merge the two worlds which has led to her highly successful career.

Jolorie is an extreme advocate of impact. This, undoubtedly, is displayed through both her corporate and community involvement. One exclusive activity we discussed was that of Crème of Nature. In honor of Black History Month, Crème of Nature launched the second installment of their “Legacy of Leadership” Scholarship fund for HBCU students allowing HBCU students across the U.S. to apply for a share in $100,000 in scholarship funding. The scholarships will be administered by The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF). Furthermore, Creme of Nature is working not only in collaboration with Walmart to raise awareness of the scholarship at the retail level, but with two Black-owned, Black-founded beauty brands. Those brands include Young Kings, an all-natural and organic hair care line especially for brown and black young males, and the popular Crayon Case, an innovative cosmetic line designed for the everyday consumer of color and the professional make-up artist.

Williams notes, in addition to spearheading the scholarship fund, she’s also led last year’s (2021) HBCU Business Pitch Competition. This event involved venture ideation, business model canvas, design thinking, pitching, entrepreneurship training, and mentorship. “Partnering with like-minded, black-owned enterprises is critical, and this highlight should most definitely be exposed during Black History Month,” says Williams.  

Williams insists that it is essential amongst our black and brown communities that we not simply, ‘Launch and Leave,’ instead, ‘Launch and Leverage’ which bridges the gap to better economic positioning. Ultimately, Jolorie Williams has proven to be a devout cheerleader when it comes to cultural advancement. Beauty brands like Revlon and Crème of Nature under her esteemed leadership will continue to play an integral part in our multi-ethnic economical, educational, and social communities.

When asked what an encouraging remark she would like to pass along to our readers, she had this to say, “Love what you do and do what you love.” If no one allows a seat at their table, don’t get discouraged and don’t beg. Stay focused, keeping clear sight of your goals, and eventually they will pull up a chair right next to you.”

– Cherrie L. McRae


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