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Why You Got to be So Insecure…An Ode to Issa Rae’s Insecure

Insecure has ended, and I am all in my feelings. I have been there from the start, from beyond the start. I am that fan that has been there since the YouTube series, The Adventures of an Awkward Black Girl. When I heard Issa Rae was developing a show, I was all in. I listen to the official podcast, Insecuritea, and I am a part of the group on Facebook. Stop judging me. 


As if you have been under a rock, Insecure is a show that follows the life of two Black women that are best friends. They are totally opposite but are relatable. Insecure showed that how no matter where you are in life, what you are doing in life, etc, and so on, you can still be insecure and uneasy about life. This show spotlighted mental health and ups and downs in relationships and friendships, with a comedic twist. It always leaves you wanting to or feeling like you should choose a side. 


Now we are here, and I have watched the final episode of what is to be Insecure. I love the last episode because it kinda brought it all together. I have just one question, Where was Kelly’s baby after announcing her pregnancy? Hmmm, moving on… 


I can’t say I was #TeamLawrence or #TeamNathan or even #TeamMolly; I was more of #TeamIssa. I wanted her to choose her, and in choosing her, she would find what worked best for her life. 


It’s been said that the true love affair was between Issa and Molly, and I will agree. Sometimes the one that you will truly do life with is your best friend.


As I finish up the series by watching Insecure: The End, because yes, I am that type of fan, I can’t help but think this show is so much for the community. Issa really embraced her life. Her college and community were at the forefront of the series. They shot in Black neighborhoods and promoted it to the fullest. She intentionally hired women, many of whom were Black women, to be a part of the show. There are young Black women who came on to be PAs and ended up being writers. It shows just how authentic she is.

Insecure will be missed; I know by me especially. I can’t wait to see what is next for Issa and all of the cast.

-Arnya T.M. Davis

Arnya Davis
Arnya Davis
In the Wind, -Arnya T.M. Davis

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