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Why You Should Join Profit & Secure Her


Why should you join Profit & Secure Her? 

We have been talking about Profit & Secure Her for the past week, but in case you needed a few reasons as to why you should join us from the stage, I’m sharing three reasons below. 

What’s Profit & Secure Her?

Profit & Secure Her Conference, presented by SwagHer Magazine, is an extraordinary virtual event designed exclusively for Black businesswomen who aspire to take their ventures to new heights and build a secure and prosperous future. We believe the current economical client calls for this type of event. So we’re currently hosting a speaker call. 

If you have a powerful message to share, we want to share our stage with you from July 11, 2023-July 13, 2023. Join us for a transformative experience where inspiration meets practical knowledge, collaboration flourishes, and success becomes inevitable.

Here are a few reasons why you should sign up today!  

Establish thought leadership.

Speaking at Profit & Secure Her allows you to showcase your expertise and knowledge in their respective industries. This conference helps establish you as a thought leader and authority in your field, boosting your credibility and reputation.

Generate leads and attract customers.

Speaking at conferences allows you to address a targeted audience interested in their industry. By delivering a compelling presentation, you can capture the attention of potential customers, generate leads, and attract new clients to your business.

Secure marketing and PR opportunities.

Many conferences attract media attention, and speakers often have the chance to be featured in industry publications, interviews, or press releases. This exposure can generate positive publicity for your business and contribute to your overall marketing and PR efforts.

When you sign up to speak, you receive several benefits.  Check them out below. 

  • 25 minutes to present to the audience. 
  •  An online feature on https://swagheronline.com.
  • A podcast interview on CEO Chatter LIVE, which streams to all the major podcasting platforms, including our Facebook following of over 160K. 
  • A group social media interview.
  • A social media reel shared with our combined community of 220K. 
  • An e-blast to our community of 5K.

To learn more,  click here. Sponsorship opportunities are also available. Please email advertise@swagher.net.


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