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Women’s Advocate Latanya Maynard Aides Domestic Violence Survivors

Everyone needs an advocate, someone who is dedicated to assisting people on their journey to bettering themselves and their life situation. Latanya Maynard is an advocate that every person, particularly women, needs to have in their life. Maynard has committed herself to helping uplift and support women who are in a space where they’re unable to do it for themselves. 

As an author, founder of the Know Your Worth brand, and domestic abuse survivor, Maynard’s mission is to eradicate domestic violence and help women overcome their abuse-related traumas. Latanya Maynard’s story is unfortunately not uncommon, however in spite of her difficult past Maynard has transformed her life and is now aiding other women in doing the same. Read on to learn about Maynard and her altruistic life path in my exclusive interview with her below. 


How is Latanya Maynard defined?

Latanya Maynard is defined as a woman who’s purposeful, passionate and knows her worth.

Where does your life story begin?

My life story as I can remember begins at the tender age of 5. At this age, I witnessed my mother being verbally, emotionally and physically abused by my father. I also witnessed women on my paternal side of the family experience the same types of abuse from their significant others which caused childhood trauma. Years later, I began dating at the age of 16 and experienced physical abuse from my first boyfriend.  At the age of 22, this became my story again. My ex-husband was physically abusive with me after a year of us being married, and this continued for a total of three years. I broke the cycle by recognizing my worth and ended the relationship.

How did your upbringing shape the woman you’ve become?

I witnessed quite a bit of dysfunctional behaviors in my family during childhood which affected me when I entered adulthood. I struggled with feelings of low-self worth. This affected my confidence level, relationships and overall who I am as a woman. 

On your website Know Your Worth it’s mentioned that your lifelong purpose is “to help women who have endured untold pain stemming from traumatic childhood and adulthood experiences.” Why have you chosen such an altruistic purpose? 

I have chosen such an altruistic purpose because it is my desire to bring awareness and help as many women as possible during their healing.

How does your personal narrative reflect the women that you’re helping overcome life’s obstacles?

My personal narrative reflects the women that I’m helping overcome life’s obstacles through empowerment and connection. My personal story connected me with my purpose. As an overcomer, I will continue to encourage those who have or are struggling to find their self-worth.

What did your healing process look like and did writing play a factor in your healing?

My healing process began in 2013, when I began writing my autobiography All Hope Is Not Lost.  I had to get real with myself and face the truth of how traumatized I really was. While writing my story, the weight of shame left me but I knew that healing was not just for me but any woman who experienced similar trauma as I have. Writing is therapeutic for me and definitely played a factor in my healing.

How have the experiences that occurred within your life inspire you to become an author and write two books?

I believed that by sharing my life’s experiences with others through writing and becoming a published author would be transformative in the lives of my readers.

What are key points that readers can take away from your two books: All Hope Is Not Lost and Pushing Toward Purpose: An Inspirational Guide to Hope, Peace and Freedom?

The key points that readers can take away from both books is there is hope no matter what your situation looks like, healing liberates you and is necessary, you can live a healthy transformative life.

What is some advice you can give women who have recently made it out of domestic violence situations or are still enduring them?

During the time that I experienced domestic abuse, I was uninformed of the steps that I needed to take to leave or what resources was available to assist me. In 2019, I began working for a local domestic violence non-profit organization as a victim advocate, and learned about safety plans and other valuable resources in my city and state that was beneficial to domestic violence victims and survivors. My advice to women who just recently made it out of a domestic violence situation or are still enduring them is to please get help by connecting with your local domestic violence organization for resources and a safety plan. Talk to someone you can trust and seek therapy.

What are ways that men can be an ally to women who are victims of domestic violence and women who are domestic violence survivors?

Men can bring awareness by being a voice, speaking up and not being silent on the serious issue of domestic violence. They can also become educated and knowledgeable about the resources available to help perpetrators.

What is next for you after you complete your Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision?

In the near future, I am planning to open a domestic violence transitional center for women that will offer extensive individual and group counseling for victims and survivors of domestic violence. The transitional center will also offer housing, employment support and other valuable resources to help the women to be successful while transitioning to a healthy place in their life and happy healing.


To learn more about Latanya Maynard and her brand Know Your Worth, visit her website.


Photo Credit: Latanya Maynard


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