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You don’t Need a BBL, You Need The G-Y-M and a Lifestyle Change

Healthier LIfestyle

Deciding to go under the knife for a BBL, “Brazilian Butt Lift,” versus making the choice for a healthier lifestyle is creating a “quick-fix” for those who feel the work will take too long. Black women are the leading number of patients who are opting for BBLs. This surgery is both physically dangerous for the patient as well as physically exhausting for the doctor performing the surgery. In the past few years, BBLs have grown globally since 2015 rising to 77.6 percent, according to a survey by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and are listed as the fastest-growing cosmetic procedure

I spoke with Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Co-owner of Break Every Chain Fitness Tisha Baker about why this “quick fix” option has been chosen by so many Black women. Even with the high mortality rates. According to the International Open Access Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons , a 2019 survey estimated the mortality risk at one in 14,921, and as of 2020, it is one in 20,117. That’s still higher than the mortality rate from liposuction (1.3 in 50,000) or outpatient surgery (0.25-0.5 in 100,000), yet many women are choosing to go this route for a quick fix. 

Boosted by social media and the trends that are based on sexism, racism, and classism, the quest to fit in and stand out has greatly influenced the choices of some who are comparing their bodies to these unrealistic standards of beauty. 

“The lack of knowledge of the fitness process and how long it could potentially take has caused an uptick in BBL surgeries, especially among African-American women,” Baker shares. “Some African American women have chosen to circumvent the process and travel to other countries to create their bodies in a way that they think would make them more appealing by society’s standards. The problem with this is when they decided to neglect the process, they now do not know or understand how to manage the look that they have just paid thousands of dollars for. BBLs create a false image and other women follow the trend in hopes to look like those who have had the surgery naturally and this just isn’t the case. Their lack of knowledge in how to maintain their new look could end up in wasted dollars because now their mindsets aren’t on changing their eating habits and they will end up right back where they started when all they had to do was hire a personal trainer and a nutrition coach to teach them how to change bad habits into good ones. Once African-American women change their perspectives on health and fitness, we will see more Black women in the gym and not on the operating table. Having a BBL is major surgery, if not done correctly, can leave you disfigured with infections, blood clots and even death. In my opinion, it is not worth the risk.”

Understanding and educating oneself on the risks that are associated with such a complex surgical procedure should be prioritized when making the decision to go under the knife. 

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Baker held nothing back when she spoke about the quick fix of surgery, and how not making lifestyle changes won’t enable someone to sustain their ideal frame. 

“In today’s world, everyone wants a quick fix to lose weight. Not everyone wants to put in the real work to create a healthy lifestyle,” Baker said. “Over the years fad diets and quick weight-loss advertisements have picked up due to social media platforms. Everyone is selling something that claims to aid in weight loss without having to work out and when these things do not produce the results that most are looking for fast enough, they will lean towards body augmentation surgery, detox teas, unhealthy diets, fat burners and steroids. The reason these things do not work is that most are just thinking of the physical aspect of weight loss, and not the mental side. In order to achieve your goals, you must be mentally prepared for the journey as this is not a short-term process this is a lifestyle change.”

Baker shares these final words of encouragement and knowledge when making a healthier lifestyle change. 

“If you want to change your body you must first change your mindset and this can be done by hiring certified personal trainers, nutrition coaches, life coaches and a gym membership which will prove to not only be cheaper, but better health-wise. It will not be easy at first, but it can be done. Taking this approach will help you by undoing years of abusing food, making better food choices and it will also show you how to manage how much you should be eating. This is not just a physical journey, but a mental one that is better in the long term. Longevity is key to being healthy. BBLs, fad diets and all those other lose weight quickly things can be detrimental to how your body naturally functions and can lead to health problems that could have been avoided by doing it naturally.”

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You can find out more about Tisha Baker to start the journey to a healthier lifestyle by visiting her website at breakeverychainfitness.com



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