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Activist Tahyira Savanna Shares a Youtube Video Showing Instagram’s Shadowban of POC Run Accounts

How Instagram’s Censorship Shadow Bans Black Creators In The Space

Tahyira Savanna is a lifestyle writer, journalist, and on-air personality. Since 2017, her Instagram handle “@iletthegoodtimesroll” has been illegally tagged by Meta Inc, formerly Facebook Inc, for being a Black Lives Matter activist. Tahyira uses her social feed to share what is happening around the World. In 2020, after the George Floyd protests reached worldwide attention, American activists like Tahyira began noticing fake bots and accounts attempting to hold back her organic reach on the platform. Shadow-ban is Instagram’s version of silencing voices for a white majority. She also promotes voting information which since the 2016 Presidential Election and the 2020 Presidential Election, is now deemed a social issue. Her music moniker: Tee Slaves – is also a social issue. The black race, as Tahyira says, is the human representation of what it looks like to survive enslavement. In 2022, the remnants of slavery are alive and well.

Instagram’s Adam Mosseri at the time said quote,” Instagram is “taking a harder look” at how the photo and video sharing app affects different communities, starting with Black users. In a blog post published in June 2020, Mosseri continued, “[we are} hearing concern about whether we suppress Black voices and whether our products and policies treat everyone equally.”

These screenshots were taken as the bots have all been reported to Instagram as fake or spam accounts, yet nothing seems to change. The targets are Black users based in the United States who shared information regarding Black voting rights and those that highlight Black Lives Matter content as their primary source of posting.

Users have been told by Instagram that shadow-banned accounts get blocked for the overuse of the same hashtags. Hmmm, seems that would be something a user would be notified about, right? If your account violates terms, that should be in clear written terms.

Tahyira SavannaAbout Tahyira Savanna: Tahyira is a lifestyle journalist and writer.  Her interest includes human stories and introspection.  She interviews everyday people doing their part to make our world happier.

Follow her on Twitter @TAsterisk and Instagram @iletthegoodtimesroll


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