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AI Visionary: V. Venesulia’s Impactful Insights on Shaping the Future of Technology

SwagHer Magazine delves into the dynamic world of artificial intelligence with V. Venesulia, CEO of Vicar Group, LLC, and a prominent figure in the realm of AI expertise. In this exclusive interview, Venesulia opens up about the integral role AI plays in her daily professional life.

As the visionary behind the InfoSector with V. Venesulia column on and the host of Down to Business with V., she shares her thoughts on the profound impacts of AI across various sectors. As a thought leader in the AI space, discover how Venesulia navigates the evolving landscape of AI

Tammy: Please tell us about the role that AI plays in your day to day professional work.

V. Venesulia: AI is embedded in many of the tools and resources we use daily that we’re bound to encounter at some point. As CEO of Vicar Group, LLC I enjoy leveraging different AI tools as part of my profession. ChatGPT has been excellent for creating spreadsheets and graphs for different projects, as well as for data analytics and extraction. It’s one of my favorite AI resources. I have it on my phone and my laptop and use it when needed.

Since the inception of my column, InfoSector with V. Venesulia, on, I have covered some form of AI. I’m constantly looking at the impacts on different sectors of industry and civil society. My most recent piece looked at the effects of AI on law and justice. The impact is so vast and profound that I’ll have to write several more articles just to scratch the surface.

In this season of my television show, Down to Business with V., almost every show had AI at the center of the discussion. We had insightful conversations on AI in marketing as well as robust conversations on its ethical implications. We brought in a former documentary filmmaker and consultant to share the impacts of AI on Hollywood and the production process.

I also interviewed a former military intelligence officer to discuss the implications of artificial intelligence on national defense and cyber strategy. AI expert and CEO of TLVTech Daniel Gorlovetsky closed out the season by sharing an inspirational and insightful message on how founders and entrepreneurs can find funding and tech partners to build apps and technologies to leverage artificial intelligence for their organizations. It was a season packed full of AI insights. Your readers can view the archives on

Tammy: What have been some of the hot topics surrounding AI as of late?

V. Venesulia: One of the topics that I’m bringing awareness to is malvertising. Malvertising is a portmanteau for malicious software (also known as malware) and the word advertising. It describes the concept whereby threat actors purchase ad space on legitimate sites and post ads that redirect to pages containing malicious software and exploit kits that deploy on a user’s device. Cybercriminals target victims through ads to execute spyware, ransomware, and “drive-by downloads.”

The concept of malvertising isn’t new and, in fact, has been around for many years. My concern, as of late, is surrounding the potential for fraudsters to integrate deepfakes and malicious ads to mimic legitimate ads by political candidates and governmental agencies to dupe viewers into interfacing with them. There’s the potential for ransomware coupled with the spread of misinformation and disinformation in the process. I detailed at length some of the pitfalls and perils of this type of nefarious activity in my article “How ‘Malvertising’ Could Marr Campaign ‘24” in my column InfoSector with V. Venesulia on It’s certainly recommended reading and is something that the public should be forewarned about.

My company, Vicar Group Omnimedia, LLC, is also releasing a video series on malvertising in partnership with Down to Business with V. and InfoSector with V. Venesulia to bring awareness to the subject. Viewers can visit or for release dates and to view that and more.

Tammy: How have you been able to navigate AI effectively in the work that you do?

V. Venesulia: AI and machine learning have powered most technology for almost 40 years. It’s just that the capabilities and possibilities have become exponentially multiplied in recent years. It’s at every touchpoint now, and it would be hard to avoid if one wanted to.

I keep a pulse on what’s happening in the industry with AI and the capabilities of products and services that could be of interest to my consulting clients, my TV show viewers, and the readers of my column. My team and I experiment with different tools, and I personally use the ones I’m comfortable with.

There is a valid abundance of caution and concern over AI. We’ll have to continue learning ways to leverage it, stay informed on its evolution, and sound the alarm on what is amiss. I aim to do that, and I encourage others to do the same.

Tammy: As an expert in AI, how can women entrepreneurs actively contribute to shaping the AI landscape?

V. Venesulia: Because AI is trained on data sets, there is a propensity for bias for and against women and certain races and ethnicities. I encourage women and men to make their voices heard in advocating for the training, evaluation, and re-evaluation of AI to ensure inclusiveness, as well as accuracy within that inclusiveness. Both women and men can call for AI software developers and data scientists to collect data in a way that is representative of as many nationalities, ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, political perspectives, and ethnicities as possible. Otherwise, some output may exhibit bias or limited perspectives. Our hope is that developers avoid using biased or discriminatory data sources. However, by raising the point, we have a better chance of ensuring that unbiased data sets are indeed in use.

Tammy: How do you envision the role of women AI experts influencing not only technological advancements but also societal perceptions of AI?

V. Venesulia: AI technologies have to be weighed on an individual basis. Some people will be proponents of AI; some will be against it. Some may be advocates for some types of AI technologies but not others. Some people may be in favor of AI in some industries and for specific tasks, but not for others. It’s a broad concept with many technologies and implications.

I do, however, see women sounding the alarm on the exploitative vulnerabilities of AI-powered technologies like deepfake video and audio to women and children. Women of principle will speak up and be heard on these matters, and we won’t stop until we see positive change.

Regarding technological advancements, women AI experts will be a part of shaping our present and future world and how we experience it. Their perspectives, innovation, and leadership, along with those of our male counterparts, are crucial in ensuring that the AI landscape is inclusive, ethical, safe, and beneficial for all. That’s a lofty but worthwhile task.

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You can also check out her Newsmax column, Infosector with V. Venesulia, for the latest news and information, and bookmark the page for quick access!



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