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An Exclusive Interview With Playwright Kisha Simone

“The best way out is always through.” – Robert Frost


Many times we are faced with situations and circumstances in life and we often wonder how we will make it out or when it will end. While we are going through those trials it is hard to see the blessing in the storm. But it is only after that we realize what we went through wasn’t just for us. We had to reach the light at the end of the tunnel so we can share our story and help someone else on their journey. 


There is this quote that keeps resonating in my mind after my conversation with Kisha Simone. Her journey is one of resilience and perseverance after one of the most traumatic seasons of her life. Kisha Simone is a native of Dallas, Texas, but moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career as an entertainer. She started out as a singer and quickly rose to become a “triple threat” as she included producing and acting in her repertoire. She now adds playwright and director to her list of talents.


In 2015 life happened. Kisha lost everything and ended up having to move back home to Dallas with her two children. But this is not where the inspiration to write came to Kisha. The pandemic already brought life as we know it to a standstill. But for Kisha, the pandemic just about brought her world to an end. It was during this time, she lost her mother, grandmother and uncle. These were her biggest supporters and pillars in all that she did. Losing them was a blow she could not understand. In Kisha’s mind, she did not know how she was going to live without those who were the most important to her.


Just when Kisha thought things couldn’t get any worse, Kisha was diagnosed with COVID-19 and pneumonia. Because of the severity of her symptoms, Kisha thought this was the end for her. While she was sick, Kisha was inspired to write. At first, she was not sure what to write but after a dream, Kisha was inspired to write her life story. With the little strength she would have, she wrote everything, the good, the bad, the ugly and the unmentionable.  She literally wrote it all. 


When Kisha started writing, she did not intend to write a play. Actually, it was supposed to be a song. But she had too much to put into a song and/or album so the next idea was a memoir just for her family. But even a memoir didn’t seem to really convey all that Kisha wanted to get off her chest. She didn’t have the funds for a film, so the next best thing was a play.


To bring this play to life, Kisha has to really be honest and real with herself. She needed to look at every aspect of her life and be vulnerable enough to uncover things she had kept from her family. From relationships, to drinking to self-esteem. She had to face it all and bear it all on the pages of her play. This helped Kisha to strip away the layers, makeup and labels to really face some hard truths. One of these truths is that when you really love yourself, you realize those who don’t love you and you begin to remove them from your life. Another truth Kisha realized in this process is it is really ok not to be ok. 


If Kisha could write a letter to her younger self, she would say “love me”. Kisha recalled so many instances in her past in which she was looking for love from others but what she really needed was to love herself. Also, she would tell her younger self that it is not you against the world. There are so many people that love you and are in your corner. 


Kisha wants to be remembered for her style and her smile. She says no matter how low or broken  you are, you will have your style and smile to lean on as you make it through. 


Kisha Simone can be found online at also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok at SouthernBelleProductions. 




Jasmine Spencer | Jasmine is a native of Chicago and a graduate of Loyola University Chicago with a B.A. in Political Science. Jasmine started writing in 2018 as just a hobby. Since then it has grown into a passion. Jasmine considers herself to be a lifestyle and fashion blogger, a social media manager, and social media strategist. She can be found on Instagram at @jas_is_peculiaroyalty



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