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Author Spotlight: Dr. Tara Hines-McCoy

This week’s author spotlight is career coach, author, public speaker, and professional development and diversity trainer, Dr. Tara Hines-McCoy. She is a #1 new release author on Amazon for Shut’em Down: Black Women, Racism & Corporate America and a new project Scripting with Scriptures currently on Amazon & Dr. Tara has been featured in Dallas Weekly, on several podcasts, as a keynote speaker, and as a speaker at the American Mensa World Gathering. Her passion is teaching women how to go from where they are to where they desire to be. Dr. Tara coaches women to take action and awaken their careers in addition to providing motivational talks, professional development, and diversity training.

She has worked for Fortune 500 and multinational companies and has found a way to connect with women by encouraging them to move past their failures by creating their own paths. As a Career Coach, Dr. Tara focuses on helping women change the narrative by owning their development within an organization or deciding to go out.  As a D&I facilitator, Dr. Tara assists leaders in moving beyond the conversation to take action in creating an inclusive environment. Her professional approach equips leaders with the tools needed to become more aware of barriers to diversity and inclusion, including their role in increasing engagement. 

As a divorced mother of one daughter, she has a vibrant personality that aids in her ability to connect with people on all levels. Dr. Tara has overcome life-changing experiences throughout her personal and professional career. An avid walker and lover of all things basketball, football, and tennis. She is a self-proclaimed popcorn connoisseur. Of her many accomplishments, Dr. Tara is most proud to be a mother. 


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Tara, Tara?

Dr. Tara: My optimism. I choose not to get caught up in focusing on what could happen; I prefer to focus on what will happen as a result of me taking action. 

dr tara book 1Christina: Tell us a little about your book, Shut ’em Down: Black Women, Racism & Corporate America. What inspired you to write it?

Dr. Tara: I am one of 20 women who were selected to co-author the Shut ’em Down anthology. This project appealed to me as I had just separated from my corporate HR career of 15 years. This was not by choice but by force, as my position was eliminated. I faced for the first time “black roadblocks,” which is the title of my chapter from someone who looked like me. Racism, bias, and micro-aggressions appear in various forms, and women have become immune to the behavior. Being a part of the Shut ’em Down anthology allowed me to share my experience and move forward. 

Christina: What does the word coach mean to you? You are a seasoned career coach; how has career coaching shaped and changed your life?

Dr. Tara: The word coach means partnering with people to help them envision their life/career differently. Career coaching shaped my life because I was fortunate to have great leaders throughout my corporate journey who saw my potential before I did. As a result, I was able to matriculate to higher-level roles that yielded me an opportunity to coach others on all levels in various organizations. 

Christina: What are some tips you can give young women who are feeling stagnant in their careers? 

Dr. Tara: If you are a young woman who is feeling stagnant in your career, knowing your WHY is critical to how you move forward. Start by setting aside time (5, 10,15m) and write out your reply to the following questions. The goal is not to answer all the questions at one time but to set aside time alone and process each one individually.

  • Why am I feeling stagnant?
  • Why am I ready to go UP in the organization?
  • Why am I ready to go OUT of the organization?
  • What is it I am ready to do?
  • Who can help me design a plan to go UP or OUT?

Christina: You encourage women to create their own path. What are some things that you have done to create the life you are living for yourself?

Dr. Tara: For starters, I don’t take the path of least resistance. I cannot create a path if I don’t move. Moving may require changing careers, enrolling in classes, changing positions, or locations. I had to be willing to put in the work and keep pushing regardless of the obstacles I faced on the journey. This is the only way I have been able to create the life I want.

Christina: What is the biggest lesson someone has taught you?

Dr. Tara: Once you understand the value you add, accepting anything less is non-negotiable. 

book 1Christina: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Dr. Tara: I am excited about my newest project, Scripting With Scriptures. This is a unique handwriting book for children ages 4-8. Scripting With Scriptures makes it easy for beginner learners to write their letters and learn a scripture for the day while making a visual connection to pictures that begin with that letter. Scripting With Scriptures is on AMAZON and


Connect with Dr. Tara below:


Instagram: Iamdrtara

Facebook: Iamdrtara


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