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Black Travel Summit to Launch Three-Day Global Experience for Travel Industry Pros

Black Travel Summit presents Voyage in Color, a three day global summit and celebration of Black travel culture and the achievements of Black travel professionals, taking place June 17-19, 2022. Key industry leaders, including Hyatt’s Global Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Tyronne Stoudemire, will be featured during event sessions happening at Hyatt Centric Brickell Miami, Hyatt Regency Miami, and The Confidante Miami Beach.  Attendees will benefit from Voyage in Color’s speaker series, career development workshops and cultural heritage tours, while enjoying access to a vibrant expo and global bazaar of industry-related entities, as well as its “Catch Flights” themed yacht brunch and day party. 

What prompted you to create Black Travel Summit?
Syndie: Becoming an archaeologist made one thing clearer to me. That people of the African Diaspora are hardly recognized for our contributions to society. Black Travel Summit was my way of tying this shared passion of travel within a space that highlights entrepreneurs, businesses, and innovators who look like me, and facilitates connections that can help us to grow in this society.
What resources does it offer that are unique to the industry?
Syndie: Connections to well established brands in travel and tourism, and a platform for renowned and less-renowned pace setters who wouldn’t often have had their voices heard. Black Travel Summit is not only the celebration of us, it’s a device that compels others to see us.
What do you think has caused the spike in international travel among Black people?
Syndie: I believe that the spike in international travel among African-Americans is not only an increase in disposable income and a reawakened awareness of the world outside of the U.S., but a new sense of freedom. The past several hundred years has paused, if not regressed Black people’s sense of movement and free-thinking. Also, new generations having more access to the world around us, has created opportunities for both people of the past and the future.
Describe how you became well-traveled.
Syndie: As a Black person raised in the U.K. to East African and Caribbean parents, immersion in these cultures and traveling to these places has been the norm since the age of 7. I think this is what set the tone for my future. Also, I highly believe that being raised in London is like being everywhere in the world at once, due to its immense diversity, and sparked my desire to learn more through travel.
What can attendees expect from Voyage in Color?
Syndie: Being able to see ourselves represented, networking with our allies, influencers and entrepreneurial ecosystem, opportunities to travel more through vacation giveaways and tips, and celebrating our creativity in travel. Simply put, a celebration of Black culture in travel. I see it as just the beginning of a voyage towards general awareness of our achievements and a promotionof opportunities for growth in tourism.

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