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The Trucking Guru Empowering Women and Minorities in Transportation

“The Trucking Guru,” Kierra Henderson, has become a titan in the transportation industry with over 20 years of experience. Henderson leads an impressive fleet of 140+ trucks, heads a multi-million dollar brokerage and dispatching company, and has garnered over $100 million in revenue. Her self-made success has also led her to guide over 20 individuals to become millionaires through her online coaching and mentoring sessions.

As a social media influencer, Kierra’s core mission is to empower women, felons, and people of color in the transportation industry. Her brokerage and dispatching services ensure that clients’ shipments are always delivered on time and within budget.

Kierra’s specialized coaching services are particularly noteworthy. She provides personalized guidance and support to individuals who are just starting out in the industry. Her coaching focuses on areas such as financial management, business planning, and networking, all of which are key to building a successful career in transportation.

Kierra has been featured on several prominent podcasts, including FreightWaves, Black Wealth Renaissance, and Truck n’ Hustle. Her dedication to empowering others and expertise in the transportation industry make her a valuable asset to anyone looking to enter the field.



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Defending WNBA Champion Las Vegas Aces Sweep the Chicago Sky


The defending WNBA champion Las Vegas Aces made quick work of their first-round opponent by completing the two-game sweep of the Chicago Sky on Sunday afternoon with a series-clinching 92-70 victory.

Aces star power forward A’ja Wilson was dominant as she scored a playoff career-high of 38 points. Wilson’s shooting was extremely efficient. She made 15 of 23 shots from the floor, and in addition to her scoring, the 6-foot-4 Wilson also added 16 rebounds.

A’ja Wilson’s 38-point performance is a new franchise record for most points in a playoff game. Wilson only needed 30 minutes of playing time to surpass the record that was previously held by her coach Becky Hammon.

In the opening quarter, number 22 enforced her will on both offense and defense. On the offensive side of the ball, she scored 10 points, and on defense, A’ja Wilson had three steals and three blocks. At the conclusion of the first quarter, Las Vegas held a 23-14 lead. 

The two-time league MVP continued to be the main scoring option in the second quarter while her teammate Chelsea Gray was the facilitator of the Aces offense with seven first-half assists, as Las Vegas went to halftime with a comfortable 44-29 lead.

The Aces were in complete control during the first half of the contest, and they continued to experience the same type of success during the third quarter. A’ja Wilson had a stretch where she scored eight straight points which gave Las Vegas a 67-39 lead with under two minutes to go in the third quarter.

Led in scoring by Kahleah Copper, the determined Chicago Sky tried to mount a comeback by starting the fourth quarter with a 17-2 run. They were able to trim the deficit down to single digits, and with 6:26 left to play, the Sky trailed by the scores of 71-62.

Unfortunately for the Sky, their comeback effort took a severe blow when Chelsea Gray hit a three-point shot, A’ja Wilson contributed 5 points, then Kelsey Plum and Alysha Clark hit back-to-back three-point shots. The Aces put together a 14-0 run that pushed their lead to 85-62 with 3:51 left to go in the game.

In the final minutes of the game, the Aces were able to secure the series clinching victory by the scores of 92-70 and advance to the semi-finals. Now, the defending champion Las Vegas Aces will have a week to rest as they will play host to the winner of the Dallas Wings versus Atlanta Dream series.


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Lil Wayne Walks with Coach Prime and The Colorado Buffaloes

On Saturday night in Boulder, Colorado a game known as the Rocky Mountain Showdown was about to take place as five-time Grammy award winner  Lil Wayne performed his song “Sky’s the Limit” while walking out of the tunnel and onto the field with Coach Prime and the Colorado Buffaloes.

Lil Wayne had a full day in Boulder as he made an appearance on the Fox Sports Big Noon Kickoff show. Coach Prime gifted Lil Wayne, who is also known as Lil Tunechi, a number 17 football jersey. Wayne tried the jersey on, and later in the show he entertained the crowd by performing “Uproar,” a song from Tha Carter V album.

When it comes to the world of sports, in-state rivalry games are contest between two teams who traditionally don’t like each other. On Saturday night the Colorado quarterback Shedeur Sanders had to go into “Brady Mode” to lead his team to a 43-35 come-from-behind victory over the Colorado State Rams.

The bad blood between the two programs already existed, but it instantly escalated when the two coaches had a difference of opinion in regards to dress attire. After defeating Nebraska on September 9th, Colorado’s head coach Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders addressed the media while wearing a hat and sunglasses.

Colorado State’s head coach Jay Norvell didn’t appreciate Coach Prime’s post-game press conference appearance. During Norvell’s weekly radio show, on Wednesday, September 13th, he gave his opinion in regards to what he deems appropriate.

“I sat down with ESPN, and I don’t care if they hear this in Boulder, I told them I took my hat off, and I took my glasses off, and I said when I talk to grown-ups I take my hat and glasses off, that’s what my mother taught me.”

The comment created a firestorm as the media critiqued, Norvell’s words, and both teams used the comment as motivation. In addition to providing Colorado with motivation, Norvell’s comment helped Sanders financially, because Coach Prime’s Blenders sunglasses line had $1.2 million worth of sales in one day.

Last year the Colorado football program was a dismal 1 win 11 loss team. This year with the signing of Coach Prime, Colorado is the most fascinating team in college football. In addition to Lil Wayne, celebrities such as Master P,  Offset, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson were in attendance for the rivalry game.

Colorado safety Shilo Sanders got the night started in a big way when he caught an interception and ran 80 yards for the first score of the game. However, one minute later Colorado State even the score at 7-7 after connecting on a 30-yard touchdown pass.

Colorado State took a 14-7 lead when two-way star Travis Hunter fumbled, and defensive back Ron Hardge III scooped the ball up, and ran 45 yards for the touchdown. Throughout a tough, physical, and highly competitive contest, Colorado State held a 28-20 lead with 2:06 left to go in the game. 

With the ball on their own 2-yard line, Colorado needed to go 98 yards to score, and quarterback Shedeur Sanders was up to the challenge. His mentor is 7-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, and in the last two minutes of the 4th quarter, Sanders went into Brady Mode.

Shedeur Sanders drove his team down the field and connected on a 45-yard touchdown pass to Jimmy Horn Jr. The Buffaloes needed a two-point conversion to tie the game, and they were able to convert, when Sanders hit tight end Michael Harrison to tie the game at 28-28.

In the two overtime sessions, Sanders threw a 3-yard touchdown pass to Michael Harrison in the first overtime, and a 18-yard touchdown pass to Michael Harrison for the game-winning score in the second overtime. The Heisman Trophy candidate Shedeur Sanders finished the game with 348 yards and 4 touchdowns.

During a post-game interview with Sportscenter, Shedeur Sanders was asked about his mindset when he was faced with the task of going 98 yards for a touchdown. Wearing a hat and his dad/coach signature sunglasses, Shedeur responded by saying, “All I was thinking is Brady mode, that’s it.” 

Last year the Colorado Buffaloes was a team who achieved one win, and they were the laughing stock of college football. This year they’re 3-0, dominating the media headlines, celebrities are coming to Boulder to see them, and college football fans are staying up until 2 a.m. ET to watch the conclusion of a Colorado football game. 


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Dreams, Style, and Confidence with Shawana Chapple

In a captivating interview, Shawana, the creative force behind MizzAppropriate LLC, delves into her fashion journey and entrepreneurial spirit. Inspired by fashion’s transformative power in music culture and art, Shawana founded her boutique with a clear vision: providing stylish and affordable clothing options for children to boost their confidence.

Discussing women’s confidence in fashion, she praises the versatile blazer, adaptable from work to casual wear. Shawana’s talents extend beyond fashion; she’s the author of “The Good Fortune,” a heartwarming children’s book centered on family values. Future plans include more books and animated short videos.

Fancy: What sparked your interest in fashion? 

Shawana: My interest in fashion comes from its ability to transform but is very much a constant moving force, whether it’s in music culture or art.

Fancy: What motivated you to open your boutique, MizzAppropriate LLC?  

Shawana: I am a mother who wanted options for my children and other children to have clothing at a great price and appropriate styles to build confidence and look great while wearing our brand.

Fancy: What fashion pieces would you say exude confidence on women?  

Shawana: I love a great blazer that can be paired with skirts and jeans. You have the ability to go from work mode to casual comfy.

Fancy: So we also know you are an author. Please tell us a little about your book, “The Good Fortune.” 

Shawana: “The Good Fortune” is an award-winning children’s book.  Frannie and Willie visit their Aunt Bea, who teaches them the importance of family time in unusual ways.

Fancy: Are you planning to write any more books?  

Shawana: Absolutely. I would definitely like to write more books and transition them into animation short videos.

Fancy: How would you describe your swagher? What makes Shawana, Shawana? 

Shawana: Faith, family, and forward. My faith in God is always first, My family is my foundation, and there Is always a way forward, whether it is through fashion, literacy, or animation. What makes Shawana, Shawana is my passion/drive; it has always led me to help others or to create a solution that would move the next generation forward.

Fancy: Please share where readers can find and connect with you below. 

Shawana: Readers can connect with me on:

Facebook: Mizz Chapple 827 & MizzAppropriate

TikTok: @mizzchapple827 

Instagram: @mizzchapple827


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Unveiling Divine Purpose: A Journey with Denise Herndon-Harvey

Denise C. Herndon-Harvey is a dynamic Speaker, Transformation Coach, and bestselling author. Denise’s passion for writing shines through as she discusses her books, including the heartwarming children’s tale, “Growing up Sassafras – Where is my Daddy?” and the empowering “Emergence of Me – Discovering My Identity and Courage Within,” along with the recent international bestseller “Unlock Your Voice.”

Denise’s writing is a reflection of her deep faith and her mission to illuminate God’s grace, love, faith, and hope, especially within families. Her academic achievements, including a Master of Arts in Human Service Counseling and various coaching certifications, demonstrate her commitment to helping others find transformation, deliverance, and healing through faith.

Denise’s story takes intriguing twists, from initially resisting psychology studies to discovering her divine calling in Christian counseling. Her journey is a testament to divine guidance.

Intriguingly, Denise has also ventured into voice coaching, spurred by repeated affirmations of her powerful vocal presence. Her willingness to explore new paths exemplifies her boundless dedication to personal growth.

As a retired Air Force spouse of over 39 years, Denise balances her varied roles with grace, empowering those she encounters. Her impact extends to international stages, with appearances on TV and radio shows, participation in book fairs, and numerous features in publications.

Denise’s life is a testament to resilience and purpose, and her insights offer invaluable guidance to aspiring authors and life coaches. She encourages us to embrace change, conquer fear, and pursue our destined paths.

With exciting projects on the horizon, including a forthcoming workbook/journal and collaborative book ventures, Denise continues to inspire and empower. Her journey is a beacon of hope for those seeking to discover their purpose and take that transformative leap of faith.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Denise, Denise?

Denise: Denise is unique. God created us all unique and special, and it’s such a blessing when we not only come to understand this, but believe it and walk in that knowledge. That we are loved, that we are blessed, that we are special, and here for a purpose.

Christina: You are an author of many books. Tell us about “Unlock Your Voice”. Where can readers go to purchase it?

Denise: “Unlock Your Voice” is a very special book. The book curator, Megan, is from South Africa, and by obedience and the call of God on her life, she put together this book and invited 11 other Kingdom authors to participate. Giving her our yes, in a way, was all of us giving God our yes. Our yes meant that we would be authentic, share our message, and be obedient to what we’ve been asked to do, to share our message with the world. The book showcases Kingdom strategies from amazing Kingdom authors, and some are international authors, which is why we are blessed to be an international bestseller. You will hear from women who have suffered the loss of a spouse, devastating illnesses, and financial hardship and can share miraculous stories of how God met them and overcame these setbacks. This book explains the foundations of biblical truths and tells each of our stories, helping readers and meeting them where they are and with what they may need to hear and understand for their own lives. The book can be purchased on my website: www.deniseharvey.com.

Christina: Why did you choose to study psychology in college?

Denise: Well, I have a story behind my degree choice. I didn’t want to study psychology. I wanted to study Christian counseling. I had a bad experience where I believed and even said I would never take Psychology again, but God had other plans that I didn’t know or understand. My family and I were stationed overseas in Okinawa, Japan, for the Air Force. I was taking classes at the University of Maryland – Asian Division, and at that time, it was for a business degree, and I had no idea why I was even taking it, except it was a means to an end. I had a professor who would stand in front of the class with his back to us, fill up every board, erase, and start writing all over again. I didn’t do well on the midterm and really needed to get a good grade on the final. Before I could take it, I received a Red Cross notification that my father was terminally ill; he had Pancreatic Cancer. I didn’t know about his diagnosis, I only knew he was in the hospital for testing. Before I could make it to him, he passed away. This all happened from a Friday to Monday. When I tried to take an incomplete for my class because I needed to be at my dad’s bedside, I was told that I could not. I had to withdraw because the professor was retiring, and only he could administer the test. This situation left me so upset, and of course, I linked this with my father’s passing, but I said I was not taking this class over. Ever! Not knowing or understanding my calling and purpose at that time, and that there was such a degree called Christian counseling, and you only get to it through psychology. So, I didn’t choose it; it chose me, and God directed it, and I’m so very thankful for it.

Christina: You have a certification in voice coaching. That is so interesting. Why did you decide to become a certified voice coach?

Denise: Of course, there is a story behind that as well. When we were filming The Kingdom View, after I had finished my first filming, my friend, an amazing businesswoman, and coach, both she and her husband, said to me loudly after we finished recording. “Your voice, she said, Denise, your voice, you will do so much with your voice.” It happened a number of times, and then last year, again, a makeup artist who was getting us ready for a photo shoot said the same thing to me. I said I didn’t know how, but I would figure it out, and sure enough, when you ask, the answers come. I saw an ad for lessons. I applied and signed up for their training. It was such a great experience, I loved it. I loved the process of making the demo reel in the studio and all the great knowledge that was shared with me. So now, it’s about finding what fits me, my schedule, and my voice and how I can be a blessing in this field of work, which is so different from anything else I’ve done.

Christina: What does a day in your life look like?

Denise: No two days are alike. I was blessed to be able to retire last year from my full-time position with the Federal Government, and with that being said, most days, I’m pretty busy with writing and business. There is never a day where there isn’t something that can be taken care of, even if it’s courses and training that I’ve signed up for, including ministry, and I tend to sign up for anything that I know will expand my knowledge. I haven’t gotten involved with voice coaching yet, but it’s on my long list of to-do’s. Still, there are days when I may not want to do much, and it feels great to do just that, nothing. Then there are days with people to speak with, deadlines to meet, and not to mention self-care. I work out, I do what is necessary to take care of myself, my peace, and my private space. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be retired from my full-time job, yet available to mark my own course how I desire to do it, each and every day.

Christina: What are three tips you can give to aspiring authors and/or life coach professionals?

Denise: Three tips I can offer are if you know in your heart that you have been destined to do more, don’t be afraid, but take a good look at your life and where you desire it to be. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone you believe can help you with what you desire to do. When it comes to coaching, it’s about helping someone who has a need, who needs accountability, and desires to have someone stand beside you, give you sound advice and help, but will also raise the necessary questions if you’re heading down a questionable track, that may not serve you. Lastly don’t be afraid, fear keeps so many people stuck—stuck, unhappy, unserved, and dissatisfied. Change is never easy, and yes, it can be scary, but if not now, then when? Make the pivot!

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Denise: I would like to share that I will have a workbook/journal coming out soon that is the companion journal to my book “Emergence of Me, Discovering my Courage and Identity Within,” with the same name. I am also a part of two more collaborative book projects. The next one will be launching at the end of this month (September), “A Kingdom Word Now.” Lastly, in November, “Empowering Women to Succeed Vol 3” which is a co-authored book as well. After that, I have two more solo books that I very much want to complete before the end of this year. I appreciate sharing some of my journey with you, and I pray it will help someone decide to take the chance and pivot in their life and go for what is in their heart to do, to reach for and discover their purpose.


Connect with Denise below:

Website: http://www.deniseharvey.com, https://deniseharvey.icanvoice.com/, and Emergeandrestore.com

Instagram: @deecharvey

Facebook: Denise Harvey

My quote: Our victory is in our pivot! It is in our get-up and live!



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Coach Prime and The Colorado Buffaloes Are The Biggest Story In College Football


Back in December 2022, the Colorado Buffaloes decided to ink a five-year deal with Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders, and up to this point, the decision is paying dividends as the Buffaloes defeated the Nebraska Cornhuskers on Saturday afternoon by the score of 36-14.

Prior to the arrival of Deion Sanders, the Colorado football team went through a tough 2022 season as they finished the year with a record of 1 win and 11 losses. The program was in desperate need of a change, and they turned to the NFL Hall of Famer in hopes that he could bring the team back to prominence.

After a stellar collegiate career of playing cornerback for the Florida State Seminoles, Deion “Primetime” Sanders was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons back in 1989. He played there for five seasons, and then he decided to leave Atlanta and sign a one-year deal with the San Francisco 49ers. 

In his first season with the 49ers, the all-pro cornerback helped the team reach their goal of winning the Super Bowl. The following season Sanders signed a long-term deal with the Dallas Cowboys, and during his first year with the team, Sanders played a big role in the Cowboys going to, and winning the Super Bowl.

Deion Sanders played a total of 14 seasons in the NFL, and he is regarded as the best cover corner in the history of the game. After completing a legendary career as a player, Sanders received his opportunity to become a collegiate football coach when he signed on at an HBCU in 2020.

Coach Prime led the Jackson State Tigers to an 11-2 record in 2021, and a 12-1 record in 2022. During both seasons, Jackson State earned the honor of winning the SWAC (Southwestern Athletic Conference) Championship.

Coach Prime’s success at Jackson State got the attention of a Power 5 school, as Colorado signed Coach Prime because they believed in his ability to repair and rebuild the program. During his first press conference as the Colorado head coach, Sanders said he was bringing his own luggage, and his luggage is Louie.

The core of his luggage came from his Jackson State team. The high-profile transfers who went from Jackson State to Colorado included his son, quarterback Shedeur Sanders, his other son, safety Shilo Sanders, and two-way star cornerback/wide receiver Travis Hunter.

Coach Prime used the transfer portal to bring in a large number of new scholarship players. Due to a dismal season in 2022 followed by a complete overhaul of their player roster, most so-called experts picked Colorado to win a total of three games for the entire 2023 season.

Colorado entered week one as 20-point underdogs on Saturday, September 2nd, when they faced the 17th-ranked TCU Horned Frogs. TCU was the last year’s national championship game runner-ups, but this year, they started their season with a loss, as Colorado defeated TCU by the scores of 45-42.

In the upset win over TCU, Shedeur Sanders passed for 510 yards with 4 touchdowns, Travis Hunter had 119 receiving yards along with an interception, and Shilo Sanders had 9 tackles with 1 assist. After the Colorado Buffaloes big victory, some of the naysayers called it a fluke, and they expected Colorado to have a letdown the following week against Nebraska. 

Prior to the home opener, Coach Prime was a guest on the Big Noon Kickoff Show on Fox. He spoke about how he slept in his office the night before the game because he wanted to wake up and see the stadium. He also gave the reason why his team wouldn’t have a letdown against Nebraska.

“Because they’re not satisfied. These kids are hungry. They came here for a reason. Some didn’t fit where they were. It just didn’t work out where they were. They didn’t get the reps that they wanted, and now they’re getting opportunity.”

In the game against Nebraska, the offense of Colorado got off to a slow start, but in the end they got into a rhythm and collected their second win of the season. Shedeur Sanders threw for 393 yards with 2 passing touchdowns and 1 rushing touchdown.

Coach Prime praised his quarterback/son’s performance but criticized one aspect of Shedeur’s game. With five minutes to go in the fourth quarter, Shedeur scored on a six-yard touchdown run, and then he proceeded to do his dad’s Primetime shuffle dance.

When asked to grade the dance Coach Prime said, “It was horrible. It was horrible. He don’t kick the feet up. He don’t want it.”

Despite the bad shuffle, the Colorado Buffaloes are 2-0, and they’re ranked in the Top-25. With the shades, the gold chains, and the swagger, Coach Prime doesn’t give the appearance of a traditional college football coach, but he’s just as good as the traditional college football coach.

Going into week 3 of the college football season,  Coach Prime and the Colorado Buffaloes will continue to receive the bulk of the media attention and viewership. People who support Coach Prime will watch because they want him to succeed, and the people who criticize Coach Prime will also watch because they want to see him fail.


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3 Podcasts for Navigating the Changes of Midlife

Midlife often signifies a transition phase when women begin to contemplate the lives they’ve built. It’s a common period for exploring new professions or hobbies as both bodies and minds undergo changes. Some of us may assuredly ride these waves, while others may be unsure of how to manage new ways of being. If you find yourself navigating this transformative journey, these three podcasts can be your guiding light.

The Well Done Life Podcast

According to Pamela Davis, The Well Done Life Podcast is focused on creating a space where we learn from personal experiences, and embrace our “inner expert” to live our best lives. Davis has crafted a heart-centered digital space, where value is placed on women’s lived experiences. Guests are the experts of their lives, not a so-called guru and not a man. Davis begins each episode with what she calls “foundational” practices for developing a “safe space.” Each segment is based on “clarity and love,” because she believes “women are the foundation of society.” Though Davis doesn’t say this, The Well Done Life Podcast seems to be a reclamation for women to live and thrive in their divine feminine energy. With nearly 200 episodes, there are plenty of stories to choose from. Topics range from how to be an artist to how to become an expatriate. Trust me. You will leave inspired and feeling a deep sense of love and hope for your own life. 

The Hotflash Inc Podcast

Ann Marie McQueen is a journalist, who founded The Hotflash Inc Podcast to inform, entertain and encourage people going through perimenopause, menopause andropause and midlife around the world and to give us the best information, in the most objective, balanced manner. This, she does. McQueen’s podcast is one of the few sources of information women have that is based on science and research. Because she has a journalism background, she uses fact-finding skills to do something that many media do not—offer sound options you can trust. McQueen is also big on not perpetuating the idea that our aging reproductive organs are a “deficiency.” I once asked her what we should call a decrease in hormones, and she promptly said, “menopause.” Whether you want to know if hormone replacement therapy is for you, or you want to understand how mindfulness can provide support as you age, The Hotflash Inc Podcast is for you. 

Five Lemons Laughing and Growing Spiritually Podcast

Amanda, Drusilla, Melissa, Morgan, and Penny are on a spiritual journey together and have developed the Five Lemons Laughing podcast. These women discuss their breakthroughs, breakdowns, insights, and challenges, with spirituality and spiritual practices, and with lots of laughter and compassion. Unlike other podcasts where hosts seem to have everything figured out, the “five lemons” do not. They share about events that have happened in their recent pasts, or that are happening in real time, and then they help each other process the experience. For example, a two-part episode delved into the concept of rejection, where one of the lemons described how she felt being a stepmother. With each episode, including this one, the “five lemons” model empathy and active listening (and laughter). Other episodes offer deep insights into what it means to be non-judgmental or enact boundaries, if we are truly as spiritual teachings suggest, “one mind.” Five Lemons Laughing is for you if you want to dig into the messiness of life’s happenings while dissecting spiritual concepts.

Each of these podcasts can be found wherever you typically listen. Check out one or all of them! I guarantee you’ll gain knowledge of yourself as a result and a positive nudge toward your new middle-aged self.

K E Garland | K E Garland is an award-winning creative nonfiction writer, blogger, and author based in Florida. She uses personal essays and memoirs to de-marginalize women’s experiences with an intent to highlight and humanize contemporary issues. She has a husband and two adult daughters and is an associate professor at a community college.

Ikisha Hugee: From Struggles to Success

Ikisha Hugee, a 37-year-old best-selling author, stands as a shining example of authors who craft compelling stories and embody the resilience and inspiration found within the pages of their books.  Her acclaimed trilogy, “My Journey Friends,” currently graces the shelves of Amazon, captivating readers with tales of transformation and self-discovery. Born in Augusta, Georgia, and raised in Alexandria, Louisiana, Ikisha’s journey from a tumultuous childhood and a decade-long battle with addiction has molded her into the remarkable individual she is today.

A proud alumna of Alexandria Senior High and Long Island University Brooklyn Campus, Ikisha’s personal transformation serves as a beacon of hope to those who have faced their own trials and tribulations. Her belief that every day is an opportunity for self-improvement and her unwavering commitment to being a source of inspiration underscores the strength of her character. Ikisha’s conviction is rooted in the idea that, despite our imperfections, we can all strive to become the best versions of ourselves by building our character and embracing a higher source greater than ourselves.

Beyond her literary achievements, Ikisha Hugee is the sole owner and founder of Ikey LLC, a venture that has been making a positive impact since its inception in August 2019. She firmly believes in sharing the wisdom life has imparted to her with those eager to receive it. In a world where the cards of life are often dealt with unexpectedly, Ikisha has demonstrated her ability to turn adversity into opportunities and take control of her destiny.

Ikisha’s unwavering focus remains on her community, where she mentors young women and mothers. Her mission is to empower them with financial literacy, emotional resilience, and the foundations of stability through a higher source. She has taken her message to the heart of her community through book readings at venues such as the Fort Randolph Confederate Museum and Grant Head Start. Her dedication and hard work were even honored during Black History Month for her relentless efforts to promote positivity.

As she looks to the future, Ikisha Hugee’s goals extend beyond the pages of her books. She aspires to travel and participate in national and international book fairs, reaching out to more children with her message of real love and the path to becoming decent individuals. In her world, love conquers all, and she continues to be a beacon of hope for those seeking to transform their lives and inspire others. Learn more about Ikisha and her work below. 

Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Ikisha, Ikisha?

Ikisha: I believe my generosity towards my community and my humbleness is what makes me who I am.  I’m an open book; I freely give my knowledge and interpret it for others.    I know the God I serve has done great things in my life, and if it weren’t for his grace and love that he has shown me throughout all my life obstacles, I wouldn’t be who I am today.  So moral of the story, God made me, and God is the reason why I am who I am. Above all things and foremost.

Christina: How did your personal experiences, including overcoming drug addiction and a challenging childhood, shape your journey toward becoming an author and business owner?

Ikisha: To be honest, I went through a lot growing up, and I never seen myself being this grounded before. It takes a lot of courage to ask for guidance from people when you have certain character defects from your traumas.  I remember it was like yesterday. I initially surrendered in my closet after almost contemplating taking my life, and God told me to get up cause now you have work to do.  He led me back home, I went through more storms, and then eventually, God got me alone, and he showed me how to plant seeds. God required me to shed layers of my identity so he could give me more.  The more I figured out myself, the more people I could help because I was no longer guarded from all the traumas.

Christina: Please tell us a little bit about My Journey Friends 1. Where can readers purchase the book and the rest of the series? 

Ikisha: I have written three books My Journey Friends 1, 2, & 3. They are all available on Amazon.com.  You can purchase paperback copies or listen to them on Kindle eBook.  Please follow and visit my Amazon author page at Amazon.com/author/ikey.

Christina: What are some services your company Ikey, LLC offer?

Ikisha:  At this time, I only pushing two of my companies, and that is my Ikey Publishing Company, and I just started my tax company, Heru Tax Services.  Eventually, I will license my mindset mentorship program, helping others to reach their total capacity by letting go of things that don’t serve them.  Many of us want this life, but we want to keep our old ways. 

Christina: How does your commitment to mentoring young women and mothers in your community align with your goal of promoting financial literacy and emotional well-being?

Ikisha: I can remember when my mother and I would clash a lot, and I just wanted her to be a little patient with me, explaining to me what a real woman is and how to be a virtuous wife. So, life happens, and she couldn’t be that for me because she also had to refigure her whole programming.  So, I continuously focus on my growth by being open and transparent.  The ladies I mentor support me because I don’t try to be something I’m not. I’m very honest about how I view my life, the relationships I deal with, and the person I see myself becoming.  The information I provide my ladies is things I already went through and tested out, proving to work for me.  The one thing I loved about the lady who mentored me is she never sugar-coated her life; she was honest about herself, her marriage, and her insecurities.  I think more women need to see other women who have figured it out “be naked” because sometimes we are ashamed of the journey and only want to show the growth.

Christina: One of your goals is to travel and attend National and International book fairs to spread your message. What is your dream book fair you would like to attend?

Ikisha: Oh my goodness!!!  I want to be able to attend the National Book Fair in Germany eventually; it’s called the Frankfurt Book Fair. It is one of the world’s largest and most important book fairs.  I want to be able to do deals with major publishing companies and trade knowledge.  I just want to be around people of a different mindset. 

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Ikisha: Dream big no matter your circumstances.

Connect with Ikisha below:

Website: Amazon.com/author/ikey

Instagram: @my_journey_friends

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ikeywiththekey


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Empowering Lives and Building Generational Wealth

Welcome to this insightful interview with Antionett, the founder of Level Up Financial, LLC, a remarkable entrepreneur on a mission to transform lives through financial literacy. In a candid conversation with SwagHer, she unveils her unique essence as a natural nurturer, a selfless and intuitive goal-setter, and a devoted advocate for financial empowerment.

Antionett’s Level Up Financial, LLC, offers a diverse range of services encompassing personal and business finance restoration, strategic planning, mentorship, and coaching. Her passion lies in empowering clients to comprehend the value of credit, leverage business credit, and attain generational wealth through wise investments.

Beyond her financial strategist role, Antionett thrives as a social media influencer, dedicating daily hours to engage with her audience, who she considers vital to her business. Her commitment to imparting valuable information underscores her dedication to helping others.

She shares invaluable tips for those grappling with financial literacy, emphasizing mindset transformation, healthy financial habits, budgeting, saving, and credit leverage. Her advice resonates with those seeking to turn dreams into reality through the gateway of good credit.

As a Mental Health Advocate, Ms. Beck seamlessly integrates mental well-being into her coaching and education, recognizing its profound impact on individuals and business owners. She strives to destigmatize mental health conversations, shedding light on its significance in the community.

Her recognition by Voyage Michigan Magazine highlights her contributions to Detroit, including donations to nonprofits, free financial literacy workshops for youth, and young adult classes. Antionett invites others to support her cause, reinforcing her commitment to community betterment.

Antionett leaves us with a potent message of consistency, resilience, and faith. Her journey exemplifies that the pursuit of dreams, coupled with a willingness to learn and a touch of spirituality, can lead to transformative success. She is indeed a beacon of hope and financial empowerment, lighting the way for countless others to follow.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Antionett, Antionett? 

Antionett: I am a natural nurturer, so helping others has always been a passion for me.  I am a very selfless, intuitive, goal-oriented person. I am grateful to be able to help others while changing lives, teaching the importance of financial literacy, and helping others become successful is the most rewarding feeling as an entrepreneur.

Christina: Can you describe the types of services offered by Level Up Financial, LLC, and how they can contribute to improving clients’ financial literacy and success?

Antionett:  Absolutely, we offer Business and Personal finance Restoration, Business structure, planning, strategies, Mentorship, and 1;1 and group coaching. My company contributes to improving my client’s financial literacy and success by ensuring they fully understand the value of good personal and business credit. Also, teaching them how to leverage their business credit and being able to invest in businesses and industries that will give them generational wealth. We also teach on life insurance and Trust formations and the importance it is to having both, and much more.

Christina: Apart from your role as a Financial Strategist, you are also a social media influencer. How do you find the time to engage with your social media audience and run a business? 

Antionett: My audience is a big contributor to my business, so I have to show up for them daily.  I set time aside daily, about two hours, to post and engage with my supporters. I enjoy helping others, so giving out valuable information to my audience daily is very important to me.  

Christina: What are a few tips you can give our readers that may be struggling to understand financial literacy and the importance of it? 

Antionett: Start by researching and understanding your rights to consumer law. It all starts with a mindset change, creating new healthy financial habits, budgeting, saving, making on-time payments, learning how to leverage your credit, and most importantly, investing in your future. Having good credit will open so many doors for you to turn your dreams into reality.  

Christina: As a Mental Health Advocate, how do you incorporate this role into your overall work as a Coach and Educator, and why is it important to your mission?

Antionett:  I incorporate this into my role because mental health impacts a person significantly. Mental health is a very important factor as a business owner, it is very important to my mission because it brings awareness. There are so many levels of mental health that our community is not even aware of or even have knowledge about. So, it is my mission to share my experience and knowledge so that it’s not so much of a taboo conversation. 

Christina: You were recognized by Voyage Michigan Magazine for your contributions to your city. Can you name a few things you have done? How can others support the cause?  

Antionett: Yes, of course.  Level Up has donated to multiple non-profits in Detroit and the surrounding areas. We also host free financial literacy workshops and classes in our local libraries for the youth and young adults. Others can support the cause by contacting me via email (levelupfinancial1@outlook.com)

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Antionett: Stay consistent, it will not be easy, but it will be worth the risk, the money and clients will come. Never give up on chasing your dreams; always be willing to learn, be teachable, and put God in everything you do!


Connect with Antionett below:

Website: level-upllc.com  

Instagram: llclevelupfinacial

Facebook: Antionett Beck-Doss 

Tiktok: toni.lasha 

LinkedIn: Antionett Beck



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Soaring High with Dr. Shanessa Fenner

Not everyone has the ability to soar with everything they do, but Dr. Shanessa Fenner is an exception.  

In this interview, we sit down with Dr. Fenner, a true Renaissance woman whose accomplishments span a dazzling array of fields. Dr. Fenner, currently an elementary school principal with a wealth of experience in educational leadership, is also an accomplished writer, with her work gracing the pages of renowned publications like Up & Coming Weekly, Women’s View, Sheen Magazine, and more. Her influence doesn’t stop there – she’s a print model, motivational speaker, actress, and the host of her own TV show, “The Bronco Exchange.” Dr. Fenner’s dynamic career includes stints as a radio personality, a podcast host, an adjunct professor, and even a licensed insurance agent.

Educationally, Dr. Fenner’s journey is equally impressive, with a bachelor’s degree from North Carolina Central University, two master’s degrees in Elementary Education and School Administration from Fayetteville State University, and a doctorate in Educational Leadership from the same institution. She’s a recipient of the prestigious North Carolina Principal Fellows Scholarship and a proud new member of Power (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized). Her accolades extend to national recognition, with features in Ebony Magazine and Sophisticate’s Black Hair Magazine.

As a woman of diverse talents and boundless ambition, Dr. Shanessa Fenner has left an indelible mark on her community and beyond. Join us as we delve into her extraordinary journey and discover how she continues to soar with every endeavor.


Fancy: You’ve accomplished so much! What do you consider your biggest accomplishment from everything you’ve done so far? 

Dr. Fenner: My biggest accomplishment would be obtaining my Doctorate in Educational Leadership degree while being a principal, TV show host, radio personality, writer, songwriter, and more. I have excellent time management skills. It was an arduous task, but I remained steadfast and did it! 

Fancy: Tell us about your latest venture, The City Insight Podcast. 

Dr. Fenner: I am a podcast host, and I love it. I interview individuals from all walks of life, and we have authentic conversations about their journeys and struggles. I like to ask the questions that people are afraid to ask. 

Fancy: What’s one tip you would give first-year teachers? 

Dr. Fenner: I tell my first-year teachers to build meaningful relationships with their mentors, colleagues, students, and parents. Building solid and authentic relationships is the root of being a great teacher. 

Fancy: Which came first, your love for education or your love for media? 

Dr. Fenner: My love for education came first, and my love for media transpired when various individuals believed in me and asked me to be a part of their productions. I was asked to be a radio personality, and I was asked to be the host of a TV show. As far as writing, I was asked to write for various publications and sought out writing for various publications. In reference to my songwriting, I was asked to co-write two songs for two artists’ albums. I was also asked to be featured on Southern Soul Artist Carl Marshall’s song “Leave That Man’s Wife Alone.” I am the female that you hear at the beginning of the song. I was also asked to be the host of the podcast that I am presently doing now. 

Fancy: What advice would you give other multi-hyphenate women about being successful? 

Dr. Fenner: Continue to hone your talents and never compare yourself to others. Say yes to opportunities because you may end up loving them. Never let anyone underestimate you, try to dim your light, or write you off. You show them who you are and what you represent because seeing is believing. Know what your superpower is, and always give praise and thanks to God.  

Fancy: How would you describe your SwagGer? What makes Dr. Fenner, Dr. Fenner? 

Dr. Fenner: My SwagHer is chill and laid back. What makes Dr. Fenner is how she lays low and quiet and then comes out with a project that gets international recognition and attention.     

Fancy: Are you working on any other projects that you care to share about? 

Dr. Fenner: I am always working on something. I am working on a few projects now, but I work in silence. 

Fancy: Where can readers connect with you? 

Dr. Fenner: Twitter: @ShanessaF    LinkedIn: Dr. Shanessa Fenner


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