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Classic One-Hit Wonders

Celebrating National One-Hit Wonder Day

Raise your hand if a jam you haven’t heard in a long time comes on the radio and makes you say, “Damn, whatever happened to them?” One-hit wonders; we love to love them. Many of us have a playlist filled with artists that dropped bangers and disappeared overnight. Who came up with the idea to show these forgotten artists some love? Steven Rosen, a music journalist. Steve established National One-Hit Wonder Day on September 25, 1990, to honor musicians who literally had 5 minutes of fame. 

I agree with Steven; one-hit wonder artists should get their props like every other artist. In honor of this holiday, I’ve listed thirteen R&B and Rap classics that I still blast to this day. 


#13- Az Yet

Song: Last Night

Released: 1996








#12-  Blu Cantrell

Song: Hit’em up style (Oops!)

Released: 2001








#11- K.P. & Envyi

Song: Swing my way

Released: 1998






#10- Keith Washington

Song: Kissing You

Released: 1991








#9- Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock

Song: It Takes Two

Released: 1988










#8- Johnny Kemp

Song:  Just Got Paid

Released: 1988








#7- Sananda Maitrey (Formally known as Terence Trent D’Arby)

Song: Sign Your Name

Released: 1987






#6- Truth Hurts

Song: Addictive

Released: 2002









#5- Sunshine Anderson

Song: Heard It All Before

Released: 2001








#4- Mark Morrison

Song: Return of the Mack

Released: 1996







#3- Mokenstef

Song: He’s Mine

Released: 1995










#2- Smooth

Song: Strawberries

Released: 1998








#1- Rome

Song: I Belong to You (Every time I see your face)

Released: 1997











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