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Declutter Digitally for National Clean Your Desk Day

National Clean Your Desk Day is a nationally recognized day to get organized and on track. Celebrated by those who want to declutter and prepare for a year of success. Network Engineer and Tech Blogger Adrian McClanahan shares tips on how to digitally declutter and get your systems ready to go for the year.


How should someone declutter digitally? Digital decluttering looks like unsubscribing to email newsletters you don’t read, archiving your email, clearing out those unread emails (either read them or delete them lol), emptying your downloads folder because that’s just our catch-all for everything and it’s not organized. Delete apps on your phone you’re not using or haven’t used in months.

What are 3 must-have digital items should someone have to ensure they are organized? Everything you need is probably on your phone already…all phones (iOS and Android) have a notes app, a way to set reminders, and the ability to make folders for their apps. Those are musts for me on my phone, I group apps together.

How often should someone declutter digitally? Digital decluttering quarterly is probably a good idea because after a certain point it can be flat out overwhelming like you just won’t want to.

About Adrian McClanahan: 

Adrian McClanahan is a mother, a wife, and a network control center engineer, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Network Information Systems She’s been in the IT field for over 14 years. With a genuine love for technology and all things surrounding it, Adrian took that passion and created a technology blog,, which has evolved and grown into a website design business.

Adrian is also a technology instructor for youth at Prince George’s County Parks and Recreation. Teaching introductory coding and technology classes at the centers to expose kids to the possibilities of working in the IT field early. As an extension of this she also launched Flash Tech Summit, a free technology summit for kids to expose and introduce kids to various fields in technology, it’s coming up on its 5th year

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