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Discover the Founder of Franchise Player, Tarji Carter

In an effort to bridge the gap between franchises and the black community, Tarji Carter has emerged as a trailblazer and advocate for the black community. As the founder and president of Franchise Player, she is dedicated to providing education, resources, and opportunities for aspiring black franchisees, aiming to create generational wealth and success. Through her extensive experience in franchise sales and development, Tarji has observed the lack of African American representation within various franchise systems, sparking her passion to effect change and empower her community.

Tarji’s journey in the franchise industry has been one of determination and resilience. Recognizing the limited knowledge about franchising within the black community, she strived to make an impact during her tenure in different organizations. However, she soon realized that her true calling lay in forging her own path. This led her to establish Franchise Player, a platform committed to increasing diversity and inclusivity within franchising while equipping individuals with the tools to thrive from a position of strength.

Franchise Player operates with a distinct set of criteria, ensuring the brands they work with share their commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Tarji and her team negotiate concessions on behalf of their members, securing reduced franchise fees and royalties and providing financial support to aspiring black franchisees. By aligning with brands that demonstrate tangible actions rather than mere rhetoric, Franchise Player ensures its members have a voice and vested interest in their franchising journey.

Beyond financial support, Franchise Player offers holistic assistance to its members. The program encompasses comprehensive education on entering and excelling in the franchising industry. Participants benefit from mentorship opportunities provided by established franchisees dedicated to guiding and fostering success. Tarji’s program aims to foster an environment of diversity, inclusivity, and continuous support for aspiring franchisees, ultimately increasing representation and prosperity within the industry.

Tarji’s commitment to supporting her community extends beyond franchising. Recognizing the challenges faced by individuals in accessing capital, she has built a  network of professionals within franchising and beyond. Through these connections, Tarji facilitates access to financial services for those in need. She dispels the myth that franchise ownership requires vast amounts of capital, emphasizing the importance of starting small and engaging in honest conversations about aspirations, and creating a clear path to success.

Looking to the future, Tarji envisions a transformative impact on black wealth through franchise ownership. While refraining from setting specific number goals, she firmly believes that Franchise Player’s initiatives will fill the void in knowledge and support that exists within the black community. By providing education, building partnerships, and offering invaluable guidance, Tarji aims to reshape the landscape of black entrepreneurship, propelling individuals toward successful franchise ownership.

Franchise ownership holds the potential to revolutionize black wealth within the next five to ten years. Tarji’s vision for Franchise Player revolves around widespread education and accessibility. Through interviews, articles, and community engagement, she intends to reach individuals in their everyday environments, from workspaces to places of worship. By sharing her extensive knowledge gained over 15 years in the industry, Tarji aspires to empower anyone with the desire to explore franchise ownership, offering them the support and guidance needed to achieve their goals.


Interview Done by: Khadijah Phillips| Khadijah Phillips is a highly driven woman who was born to break barriers. She proves that when powered by purpose, women are unstoppable. She’s built her storied life and career brick by brick, fighting fears, failures, and setbacks to have the success she’s always known was hers to claim. Today, she personifies what it means to ascend above adversity while inspiring countless others to do the same through her media company and strategic partnerships. You can follow her on Instagram @bestiesmedia and check out her website,


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