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End-of-Year PR Tips: Previewing Exciting Plans

Previewing exciting plans for the new year is a strategic way to generate anticipation and excitement around your brand or organization. As we wrap up our end-of-year PR tips, sharing glimpses of what our audiences can expect from us soon is our plan’s final task. Below are five tips to maximize the strategy. 

Strategize a Plan and Craft a Compelling Narrative

Before publicly announcing your plans, ensure that your upcoming projects, initiatives, or product launches are well-defined and align with your overall business objectives. Create a detailed plan that outlines timelines, goals, and critical messages. Remember, this is a big deal to your audience, so think outside the box a little. 

You will also need to develop a compelling narrative around your upcoming endeavors. Communicate the value proposition, innovation, or positive impact that your projects will bring. Then, you can craft messages that resonate with your target audience and highlight the unique aspects of what’s to come.

Create Your Teasers

You can design teasers or sneak peeks that offer a glimpse into your exciting plans for the new year. These visuals could include teaser videos, graphics, or intriguing statements that pique curiosity. Teasers should be attention-grabbing and designed to create anticipation. You want this to be more content that your audience can engage with. 

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Utilize Multimedia Content

Leverage multimedia content—content that incorporates a combination of different media types, such as text, graphics, images, audio, video, and animations—to convey information or tell a story to convey your messages effectively. Share this type of content to provide a more immersive and engaging experience; it is highly shareable and can enhance the overall impact of your announcements. Listen, sis, please do not make this a text-only post. You want to grab attention, and this approach allows for a more dynamic and engaging user experience compared to traditional, single-format content.

Diversify PR Channels

Employ a multi-channel approach to reach a broader audience. Utilize press releases for more formal announcements, media pitches to engage with journalists and influencers, and social media for direct communication with your audience. Each channel serves a unique purpose and helps maximize exposure.

Timing is Everything

Plan the timing of your announcements strategically. Consider the news cycle, industry events, and the behavior of your target audience on different platforms. Timing plays a crucial role in maximizing the impact of your PR efforts.

By strategically previewing your exciting plans for the new year through diverse PR channels, you can build positive anticipation, create buzz, and position your brand as forward-thinking and dynamic in the eyes of your audience and the media. And while you are here, you can also stay tuned for previews of what SwagHer is planning for the new year.

This concludes our End-of-The-Year PR Tips series. We have discussed reflecting on our year and wins, engaging with our audience, and previewing exciting content. I hope that you have enjoyed it. If so, please share it with your business besties and sister circles. I’d love to get more eyes on the CEO Chatter series


Francheska Felder
Francheska Felder
Francheska “Fancy” Felder is an award-winning editor, publisher, publicist, and quiet Southern media mogul. In 2010, she launched SwagHer Magazine, an empowerment and lifestyle publication for the Black woman who likes to keep it real, which also doubles as a PR boutique. SwagHer Magazine uses positive media and storytelling to create new narratives and mindsets around Black women, their communities, and the businesses and organizations they lead, while the boutique strategically executes press and brand campaigns. The proud SU alum is also the publicist for Power Influence Radio and hostess of the CEO Chatter LIVE Podcast. Because she battles with bipolar disorder, Fancy is a proud mental health advocate.

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