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Happy National Young Readers Week! Here are 10 Recommended Books for Adults & their Young Scholars, Written by Black Authors

In the spirit of “National Young Readers Week” (Nov 15-19) and in my own personal mission of “each one, reach one,” I rounded up a shortlist of books for both youngster’s and their parents alike, written by Black Author’s for the occasion – and beyond.  

Originated by Pizza Hut in ’89 to challenge younger people to read more, the pizza chain included an incentive of a free personal-sized pizza for meeting the reading goals challenge, in partnership with many schools.  

Regardless of the genre or your age, there’s a wealth of knowledge and sparked imagination to be found in the pages of books penned by brilliant Black minds of our times. I implore these various reads for you and your young scholar’s self-education, inspiration, and enjoyment — Happy Reading! 


Kiddo Reads 

1) I know My Rights: Bill of Rights by Mysonne Linen (Illustration By HH-PX)

NY Rapper & Activist Mysonne Linen equips young people with their basic rights as US citizens under the 10 Amendments. Great for the whole family, the colorfully illustrated and informative read instills knowledge of the law and being a productive citizen. Find the book here

2) Son, You Are A King  by Tena V. Bake (Illustration by Jasmine Hatcher)

An uplifting, tender reminder to our young Black boys of their worth, this book seeks to set a sturdy foundation for their emotional well-being, while navigating bullying, self-doubt, and finding their power. Find the book here

3) Rock Star #1: Jada by Kelly Starling (Illustration by Vanesa Brantley)

Number one of a four-part book series, we meet Jada Jones, an elementary school student who takes up a new hobby in rock collecting when her one and only friend moves away. To her luck, the new class project will be on rocks and minerals and while they’re easy to explore, finding new friends isn’t. This easy-to-read, early chapter book helps transitioning readers while keeping them entertained with Jada’s missions. Find the book here

4) Jaden Toussaint The Greatest – Episode 1; The Quest For Screen Time by Dumas Marti (Illustration by Muravski Marie)

Follow five-year-old Jaden Touissant as he (like most kids) venture to gain more video games & tik to time. Armed with science, ninja dancing, and massive brainpower, he hopes to get the adults to see it his way cause “parents just don’t understand”! Find the book here

5) Big Monty & the Pumped Up Principle by Matt Max 

Eliminate the screen time, then, with this action-packed, 3 part series, read about Monty, a 5th grader tasked with saving his school from his mad, beefed-up school principal, after he consumed a toxic energy drink! Sure to boost your child’s imagination and send them on a literature adventure — equipped with science activities and literacy-building vocabulary. Find the book here


Mature Reads: 

6) Foxy Brown; My Life in Three Acts by Pam Grier  

Candid insight into the Foxy starlet’s humble beginnings, to life as a Leading Lady for the 70’s exploitation film era. Explosive romances with the likes of comedian Richard Pryor, her brave battle as a #f-cancer survivor, and getting back to basics – trading the Hollywood scene for life on her self-sustained farm. Find the book here

7) The Spook Who Sat by the Door by Sam Greenlee  

Set in the 60s comes a super-charged tale of one Black man’s fight to infiltrate and dismantle a longstanding, oppressive system by leveraging his rare position in the CIA. Feeding top-secret tactics to the troubled youth of Chicago, he transforms them into the ultimate freedom fighters! Find the book here

8) Philosophies and Opinions of Marcus Garvey by Marcus Garvey (Edited by Amy Jacques Garvey)  

A collection of one of the most notable figures in the Pan-African movement’s many speeches, ideals, and blueprints for the advancement of our people — as prevalent and necessary today as they were when he recited them live. Find the book here

9) The Power of Broke by Daymond John

FUBU founder Daymond John shares the flip side of embracing the off-seasons in life, as evidenced by his own entrepreneurial journey. He explains how utilizing other resources when you’re low on capital, with a relentless approach and boundless determination, can actually be used to your advantage! Find the book here

10) Sacred Woman; A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit by Queen Afua 

A literature oasis of guided meditations, spiritual practices, rituals, healing diets, and affirmations for the Black, feminine divine and well-being. Led by renowned herbalist and dedicated healer Queen Afua. Find the book here.



Article Written by: Jasmyne Seed | @ JAS__PR Hailing from Brooklyn, NY by way of NC, the self proclaimed, “City Slicker with Southern Hospitality” attributes her  love for all things creative and eclectic taste, to the many faces and places  she’s encountered in her lifetime. After graduating in 2015 with a degree in  Fashion Merchandising, she embarked on the entrepreneur route and  developed JAS PR, a boutique-style, public relations agency in the fall of  2018. Rallying behind rare gems in the fashion, beauty and non-profit  industries, her intent with, JAS PR is to craft compelling stories and  campaigns for emerging brands and their owners, that spark awareness and  unearth their greatness to the masses. Holding significant support for Black -Owned businesses. Jasmyne lends her communications and writing skills to contribute pieces for  publications and blogs, while pursuing other entrepreneurial and  philanthropic endeavors. In her leisure she’s a foodie, (aspiring) travel buff  and 90s sitcom’s binger!


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