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Iconic Self-Taught Home Cook “The Kitchenista” Ends Blog

“Being a kitchenista is as much about confidence in the kitchen as it is about culinary know-how. It’s about discovering your personal style of cooking and loving the process of creating a great dish. I hope that’s what I can ultimately inspire people to do.”

– Angela Davis, 4/16/2012


The Kitchenista Angela Davis ended her iconic blog “The Kitchenista Diaries” with a final post Shut Up and Cook on September 6, 2021.

Angela Davis began posting to her blog in April 2012 and has continued to inspire a generation of cooks who have learned more than just cooking techniques. Davis brought to light the many injustices carried out within the industry from abuse by those who did not want to pay for or even acknowledge the contribution and the existence of black women through theft/erasure or those who blatantly and brazenly scam and practice unsafe unsanitary practices. I applaud her for continuing to use her voice to amplify the spotlight on those who practice such. She is a true advocate and a phenomenal woman.

Davis even provided #KitchenistaMix playlists that would put you in the mood to either practice self-care or “Hustle and Glow”. She truly cares for her followers and her supporters. Her line of cookbooks is jam-packed with easy-to-follow recipes for Holiday Celebrations, Appetizers, and her favorite recipes that even include a cookware guide, and links directly to Amazon so that you can shop with ease.

She has shared and continued to share parts of herself that have helped others to face and cope with their battles with Mental Illnesses, the pandemic life, and the ups and downs with entrepreneurship. I can speak from my personal journey that reading her posts and seeing her share made me speak up more.


Per her post, ” In October 2021, I’ll be transitioning to a subscription-based platform. Be sure to subscribe to the mailing list to be informed of all the changes coming.” I for one will be there to support her on that platform. I would hope that you do as well.

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