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Let’s Get Fit! 5 Affordable Hobbies That Will Help You Get in Shape

Let’s get fit!

How many times have you looked yourself over in the mirror and thought, I need to join a gym? Or did you say that when you almost broke a finger trying to zip up your favorite pair of jeans? 

Living healthy is a goal for many of us, but unfortunately, with today’s economy, funds are tight. We would love to invest in staying physically fit, but many of us just can’t afford the monthly deduction from our bank accounts for a gym membership. Fortunately, some alternatives could be utilized to help us get our bodies in shape and have fun doing it. 

Here are five affordable hobbies that will help or keep you in shape for little to nothing. 

  • Yoga & Zumba-

If you cannot afford to attend classes, there are numerous yoga and Zumba dance videos for beginners available on Youtube is free, and you get to move your body in the privacy of your home. 

Yoga for beginners-

Zumba for beginners-

  • Hula-hooping

This activity can be done in or outdoors. Hula-hooping slims your waist and tones your abdominal and lower back. You can find a decent hula-hoop at the Family Dollar store for $5. If you want more of a challenge, purchase a weighted hula-hoop with a timer to track your progress over time. 

Weighted hula-hoop-

  • Take a walk

According to a study by certified clinical psychologist Holly Schiff, Psy.D, walking enhances the production of endorphins. This neurotransmitter improves our physical and emotional well-being like working out at the gym does.

  • Jump rope

Jumping rope improves your coordination and strengthens your muscles and bones. It doesn’t have to be a solo workout with this one. If you have friends also looking for cheap ways to lose weight, this is the perfect activity for them to join through Double Dutch. You could take turns jumping and turning the rope, giving you a full-body workout. Just like the hula-hoop, you could purchase a weighted rope from amazon.

Weighted jump rope-

  • Skating

This activity strengthens your legs and lower back. A person could burn a considerable amount of calories just by rolling around a rink or in a neighborhood. 

Have you tried these affordable hobbies to stay fit? Share with us your experiences with these activities. 

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