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Meet Talk Show Host, Author and Fashion Stylist, Chelley Roy

Chelley Roy is an author of “The Making of a BO$$,” host of The Chelley Roy Show, and professional fashion stylist. She grew up in Washington D.C., where she completed her education with a business degree in Computer Information Systems from Strayer University.

Chelley defied the odds and proved everyone wrong by overcoming various traumas, abuse, and major setbacks. After experiencing such tragedies, she found her passion to help INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, and UPLIFT women through one and one coaching.

Today, she is the host of her own show, which is rapidly gaining momentum in the DMV area!

Tammy: Please tell us how ‘The Chelley Roy Show’ came about and what can new viewers expect? 

Chelley: The Chelley Roy Show is a spinoff of my recently published book, “The Making of a Boss” by Chelley Roy. The purpose of its platform is to inspire, uplift, and motivate entrepreneurs as well as aspiring entrepreneurs. The Chelley Roy Show prides itself on quality and excellence, and we are intentional in being impactful through messages by our guests.

Tammy: We would also love to know all about your book “The Making of a BO$$,” please share with us what is the message you convey? 

Chelley: My book, the making of a boss, is a memoir, personal accounts of my relationship, certain instances, and encounters with my mom. My mom was a Mob Boss in the late ’80s, early ’90s. I walk you through her Murder as well as the trial of the century. The takeaway for readers of my book is for them to be inspired and to be encouraged and to push through any trials of adversity, knowing they will overcome them. If I can defy the odds, so can you. My book is so very relatable. My book can be purchased on ChelleyBossUp.Com.

Tammy: What other projects or endeavors are you currently working on or involved with?

Chelley: Chelley Roy is a brand, and I’m an author, talk show host, and wardrobe stylist of the Chelley Roy styling service. I am working on a town hall w candidate mayoral Rodney Red grant of D.C. via the Chelley Roy show on 9/15/21. I’m also working on a few magazine editorials as the lead Stylist in New York this month. I am also working on a styling photoshoot with some well-known Fashion Boutiques as their brand ambassador.

Tammy: In what ways do you feel you make a difference in the world? 

Chelley: I make a difference in the world daily by constantly inspiring, motivating, and uplifting women. I do one on one coaching with women to help them rebuild and gain their self-worth and self-confidence. Over the last couple of months, I’m finding myself having more of a true passion for being a self-love advocate. It’s so very important. I am working daily to normalize women supporting other women so that we can all win.

Tammy: What do you enjoy most about the work that you do? 

Chelley: I enjoy making people feel good about themselves, helping people to identify their inner joy and peace and the beauty that we all have inside of us.

Tammy: What is the best advice you ever received? 

Chelley: The best advice I’ve ever received is to never judge or compare your journey to someone else’s journey. We are all in different phases of our lives, and if you’re just determined enough, consistent enough, you too will write your own story.

Tammy: What are you looking forward to? 

Chelley: I’m looking forward to being the best human being possible, the best friend possible, the best mom, the best wife, best family member possible. I’m looking forward to the continued success as an author and talk show host and looking forward to connecting with people all over the world whom I haven’t yet met. 

Tammy: How can our readers keep up to date with you? 

Chelley: Follow me on IG : @chelleyroy and @the_chelleyroyshow. You can also get updates on events, book tours, and signings at ChelleyBossUp.com.

Interview Done By: Tammy Reese | @tammyreesemedia


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