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That’s My Jam! Celebrating One-Hit Wonder Day

Happy One-Hit Wonder Day! On this day, we celebrate those artists who managed to capture the world’s attention with just one major hit song. These songs often become timeless classics and continue to be remembered and enjoyed by people worldwide. It’s a day to recognize the unique impact these artists and their songs have had on the music industry and popular culture. So, whether it’s a catchy tune that brings back memories or a song that still gets played on the radio, take a moment to enjoy and appreciate the magic of the ten one-hit wonders some of us still dance to today. 


#10- Huey

Song: “Pop, Lock & Drop It”

Released: 2006



#9- Desiigner

Song: “Panda”

Released: 2015

#8- J-kwon

Song: “Tipsy”

Released: 2004




#7- Ideal

Song: “Get Gone”

Released: 1999



#6- Profyle

Song: “Liar”

Released: 2000



#5- Jonnell ft. Method Man

Song: “Round & Round”

Released: 2000


#4- Rell

Song: “Real Love”

Released: 2004



#3- Mario Winans

Song: “I don’t wanna know”

Released: 2004


#2- Black Rob

Song: “Whoa!”

Released: 2000




#1- Mr. Cheeks 

Song: “Lights, Camera, Action” 

Released: 2002





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