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Theories & Thoughts Podcast: S3| EP17: Erin Pitt- Branding & More


Brand strategist and life coach Erin Pitts joins the ladies of Theories & Thoughts Podcast, Arnya T.M. Davis and Fancy to discuss her work. Erin of Build With Erin shares how she works with the clients and the foundation needed to build a successful brand. Erin suggests starting with your core values before worrying about things like colors and aesthetics. Another piece of advice that Erin shared is that business owners must be willing to invest in themselves and their growth. 


  • Wells Fargo is called out for interviewing minority candidates for positions that are already filled or promised to someone else.
  • Supa Cent buys her boyfriend (now fiancé) a lot for their anniversary.
  • The beautiful Olympian Lolo Jones talks about the difficulties of finding love and being a virgin at 39.

TAT Question: Would you buy your man land or a house?

About Erin Pitt

Erin Pitt is a small business consultant, assisting business owners in the areas of branding, content planning and copywriting. As a certified leadership and life coach, Erin is passionate about helping others take themselves and their teams through guided personal development and growth sessions. With faith being one of Erin’s core values, she carries it into her coaching model as she believes very little can be accomplished without it. Erin is a thought leader. She has taken her decades of work and life experiences plus her college education and partners with those who know their destinies have been delayed long enough and helps them build the businesses and lifestyles they desire.

Instagram: @buildwitherin

Theories and Thoughts Podcast airs EVERY Tuesday on SwagHer’s FB Live at 7 pm CST.

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