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Transition into the Fall Season with these Fashion “Must-Haves”

Is it almost fall already? Time flies, and the fashion industry will definitely remind you of upcoming seasons, whether we are ready or not. But what about the changes in the weather, the fluctuating heat waves, and the summertime vibe that is still very much present? A good way to avoid being overwhelmed is to develop an easy transition by utilizing some of your favorite summer pieces and adding accent pieces and accessories – all without breaking the bank! 

The fall season serves deep, bold colors, different textures, and a wide range of style options. We are talking deep cranberry reds, rich browns, golds, burnt orange, blues, and greens. From the summer months, your favorite t-shirts, maxi dresses, jeans, and even tank tops can wait for that “final tuck” away in a storage bin. This is the best time of year to be creative and develop a great personal style that welcomes change at your own pace. 

Here are 5 Fall Fashion Must-Haves that you should consider for a smooth seasonal transition. 

The Infamous Trench Coat – A trench coat is a great wear if you want to be stylish and warm on those cooler days. It is a great “in-between” that will get you through the days when the weather is not fall season “cold” but still nice and “mild.” And if it gets a little chilly, an easy throw-on of a fall-colored wrap or a hooded sweater underneath could be a stylish fit. A “statement” trench is definitely the vibe this fall season, with the many beautiful and rich colors of autumn leaves. 

The Magic of the Accentuated Belt – When transitioning from summer to fall, it is important that you wait a little before putting away items such as your beloved maxi dress, racer back dress, and even some beautiful floral pieces. Transform your look by adding an accentuated, fall-season type belt. A leather belt with leather boots or heels easily creates a great seasonal look. 

Make a Statement with Jewelry – In making a statement, you must have amazing statement jewelry! For the fall season, colors and textures in our accessories can go a long way and can provide an affordable transition. From leather fringe earrings, suede cuffs, and even textured necklaces, be unique, colorful, and daring – adding another layer of style. 

The Perfect Fall Shoe – Your open-toed summertime shoes may not cut unless you have a neutral color, fall-inspired color, and texture. Flip-flops are definitely a seasonal type of shoe, so I wouldn’t suggest rolling them over. If anything, purchase a great shoe that can be paired with just about anything or even a funky fall boot.  

A Fall Colored Wrap – A basic or printed fall-colored wrap is a highly functional and versatile staple that definitely works! Whether using it as a great addition to a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt, over a dress for a layered look, or as the perfect style hack, a wrap is a must-have for the perfect fall transition. 


Article Written by: Sabrina Espere Carrington @sabrinaespere| Born and raised in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., Sabrina Espere Carrington has always been around creatives, writers, artists and powerful women in business. As a little girl, Sabrina enjoyed writing poetry and even short stories. Little did she know that she would grow to love writing and have the desire to become a columnist/magazine writer. In addition to her writing, Sabrina is also a motivational speaker and Women’s Empowerment Coach. She has been featured on numerous podcasts, live talk shows, and radio broadcasts. Since the Pandemic, Sabrina has been a sought after expert- giving advice and encouragement to listeners around the world. She has been interviewed by some of the best hosts in the media. Read more of Sabrina’s articles here.


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