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Wednesday Wonder Woman: Shronda Armstrong

Shronda Ann Armstrong is the founder and creator of The Geaux Queen Brand. Geaux Queen represents a movement that caters to what women have to offer to this world: Women are a special privilege. The ultimate prize and the full package! The movement first began in March 2019 with the top-selling GEAUX QUEEN t-shirts. That positive response has grown into the full Queen’s Arrogance. LLC empowerment movement! And it doesn’t stop here! Geaux Queen movement has also introduced The Q-Chat Podcast! The Q-Chat Podcast features unique stories, poignant experiences, and beautiful voices that discuss current topics pertinent to the culture.


How do you feel you make a difference in the world? 


Shronda: We all come into this world with a mission and a purpose. The hard part of life is how, when, and why we eventually find and connect with that purpose. For me, I feel I make a difference in this world because I use the scars I have been through as a roadmap to give empowering energy back to others. So many of us struggle to navigate the twists and turns in order to find our way. Throughout the journey, we all deserve to feel validated, loved, and whole. I created my platform so that everyone that touches it, feels like a star.


In addition, I don’t expect everyone to receive me or my platform. We are not meant to be on this earth to have everyone like us. But I feel I also make a difference in this world because I encourage people to be ok with not being ok. It’s better to stand out than to fit in and trailblazers are here to make a difference.


What are some of the best qualities you have that keep you a high in-demand media professional? 


Shronda: Well, I love to connect with people. I have spoken to so many amazing and diverse individuals. One of the main things I pride myself on is bringing out the best in my guests. One of my best qualities is that I have never met a stranger. I seek positive energy and I have mastered a great skill at pulling out the greatness in each and every conversation I have had with my guests. In addition, I have a corporate background. Ironically, as much as I hated working in corporate America, it was inevitable to pick up on certain work habits. I utilize professionalism in every aspect of my brand. It’s important to me, to not only offer quality with my brand but also be an example of a solid, professional businesswoman. That quality alone makes my brand attractive to the media world.


What does success mean to you? 


Shronda: For me, I would have to start off with my definition of success. Success for me is defined as achieving a level in your life that is important. That level could be an accomplishment career-wise or perhaps reaching a personal goal. For me, success means freedom. I spent over 40 years of my life stuck in a box trying to map out my life based on a false narrative of what I thought my life was supposed to look like. When I decided to step into my purpose, that is when I truly achieved success. Sometimes in life, you have to walk like you are already in a position for the life you have always dreamed of. Walking into my purpose is how I view success. Being free and living life on your own terms will always mean success to me.


The Q-Chat Podcast is a show so many aim to be featured on. Define the swag of the show?


Shronda: Well, The Q-Chat is the crown to black excellence. The Q-Chat spotlights so many amazing men and women. From music artists like Raheem DeVaughn to phenomenal actresses like Novi Brown (“Sabrina” Tyler Perry’s “Sistas”) to millionaire entrepreneur Mignon Francois (“The Cupcake Collection”) and more, the swag of my show is ordinary people who are just like you and me who have done amazing, inspirational things! If you haven’t tuned into The Q-Chat, you’re doing a huge disservice to yourself! 


This show really covers so many great elements to offer an upscale piece of entertainment. Not only does The Q-Chat spotlight great entertainers, but we also spotlight entrepreneurs, amazing writers, and topics that cover mental health as well as self-love. Right now, we are in a world where salacious topics and gossip tend to overshadow positive entertainment. 


There is a need for intelligent conversations and strong voices to be heard. My show The Q-Chat is what we need right now! A solid show that highlights the positivity of our culture that is sure to make the viewer proud.


How have you balanced self-care during the pandemic? 


Shronda: I will be honest, the pandemic really hit me hard. As an asthmatic, I felt a new level of fear that I was not prepared for. I made a point to really love on myself in order to stay whole. I balanced self-care by focusing on the internal as well as external. Even while quarantining, I worked hard to stay productive by networking and growing my brand. In addition to staying busy, I also incorporated ways to strengthen my mental health. I utilized elements of self-love and manifestation in order to not fall into pits of Covid-depression. I started exercising having a positive mindset and speaking life into everything I do. 


I realized my thoughts and words have power. If I woke up in fear and despair, then that is the state I placed myself in due to my own pessimism. I learned in spite of, to still find joy. In addition, I started seeing a therapist last year in order to cater to my inner self-care. It is important to me as a part of self-care to also address the parts of my spirit that needed healing. Being safe has always been my number one goal. I also decided to enter a journey into plant-based food. I recently began working on a new project called “Seaux Soule Plant”, a mobile vegan plant-based food service. I want to help others see the greatness in self-care and self-love when it comes to our physical health as well.


What advice would you have for anyone who aspires to be a media professional? 


Shronda: My advice would be to stay true to yourself and avoid trying to emulate what is popular. Being genuine will always be the best way to be a strong media professional in the long run. Set the tone of your own blueprint. Also, build your brand and take it seriously. Brand building is key to the media profession. Your brand speaks for itself. Having a solid brand brings the right elements to you. Your brand is your business card, your brand is your pitch, your brand is your publicity, your branding is absolutely everything. It is always quality over quantity. Focus on the quality of your brand first, not the amount of people who may not catch on or join your audience as soon as you may like. When you build a solid foundation, everything will fall into place with the perfect timing.


What are some of your goals for the rest of 2021?


Shronda: My goals for the rest of 2021 are to keep growing! I am working hard with my new team to get The Q-Chat and the Geaux Queen brand into more household audiences. The show has great guests lined up and my goal is to get those stories heard and seen. My goal for The Q-Chat is to not only grow the audience, but also present guests with more unique stories as well as notable guests that we all know and love to talk about their unique lives. 


In addition, I will be working on expanding my Geaux Love Ya’Self apparel line, introducing my Crown Arrogance natural hair care line, and also launching my local mobile vegan plant-based service in Louisiana. I also began a nonprofit called, The Strongarm Women’s Project, which serves victims of domestic violence. 


I am also publishing my second motivational guide entitled, “Sweet or Sour: How to Maintain a Positive Mindset By Applying Self-Love And The State Of “ING” this fall, in addition to writing my autobiographical memoir. I tend to tackle many projects, but the goal for my brand is to have different avenues that all lead back to my platform.


How can our readers keep up to date with you? 


Shronda: You can check out my blog and learn more by going to www.theqchat.com. There you can learn more about the show, the Geaux Queen brand, and much more! My YouTube channel is Geaux Queen Tv and I am on Instagram: iam_geauxqueen and theqchat_podcast. I hope I can connect with your readers!

-Tammy Reese| @tammyreesemedia


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