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Winter Heat: Jhonni Blaze Looks to Ice Controversy and Heat Up Music Career

“Talent” defined is a special (often athletic, creative or artistic) aptitude. It is also defined as being the natural endowments of a person. “Talent” is a word which contains many layers. One person can be talented, and on a scale they would be considered good. A second person can be talented, and their talent level could range above and beyond the first person. The second person would be graded as achieving greatness. A third person could be considered talented, and their talent level could be ranked way above normal. This person is known as “iconic” and labeled a “prodigy” or “the chosen one”.

As we witness the different categories that talent comes in, we appreciate the ones with the abundance of talent. We admire those athletes who are the best at what they do. When we watch them, it’s apparent how above and beyond their talent is compared to their competitors. When we see entertainers who have a superior amount of talent, we’re in awe of their artistry and their ability. Some of us turn out to be talented, and some are on another level as they are God gifted. Jhonni Blaze falls in the God gifted category.

A product of New York City, Jhonni’s gift was detected at an early age. At the age of six, she was playing around with the piano. By the age of seven, she was able to play classical music on the piano. Developing a passion for performing music, she learned to play any instrument that sounded good to her. Jhonni had a humble beginning as bad decisions, heartbreak, and pain were part of the process. She appeared as a model in music videos for various hip hop artists. In addition to being the feature model in music videos, Jhonni has also graced the cover of magazines such as King, Straight Stuntin, and XXL.

When you say the name Jhonni Blaze, the word “controversial” is not far away. That was the old Jhonni. The new Jhonni Blaze is ready, willing, and able to make an impact on the music scene. She has the focus, confidence, and vocal ability, which equates to a recipe for success. Jhonni is a workaholic who doesn’t consider sleep a necessity, due to the fact she is accustomed to working around the clock. Some may wonder does she have the talent to be an artist of relevance. Those questions were answered with the release of her EP 5:12. Featuring the song Bad Woman, and Where You From featuring Elephant Man. 5:12 is a six track body of work, which displays Jhonni’s range, and her powerful voice. She is the real deal, and she has her sights on being a successful artist, who is destined to rise to the top.

Celebrity/Entertainment Journalist Vince D’Writer had the pleasure of sitting with the artist known as Jhonni Blaze.

Vince: Define your swagher. What makes Jhonni, Jhonni?


Jhonni: Defining my swagher is my personality. I can be outgoing, goofy, happy, sad, or mad. My swagher is not from my look or how I dress. At the end of the day clothes, hair, and everything else can be taken off. It’s from the inside literally. I’m just different. I’m that “B” word but in a good way.


Vince: When did you develop your love for music?


Jhonni: I was born loving music. I came out the wound loving music. I just popped out like that. It was like bam! I was just born with talent and a love for music. 


Vince: I viewed a video of you playing the piano, do you play any other instruments?


Jhonni: I played around with the piano at age six, but I actually learned to play the piano when I was seven. Then I started playing other instruments- the violin, acoustics and bass guitars, and drums. I played anything that felt right and sounded great.


Vince: I listened to the 5:12 EP, six songs, all of them are fire. Is it hard for you to get people to take your music seriously when they hear the name Jhonni Blaze is attached to the music?


Jhonni: I don’t care about those people. I don’t say it with an attitude or with anger. I say it like I have my doubters. Many people have doubted me. It’s funny, like I don’t care about those people. It’s cool, because somebody is going to like me. Somebody is going to open a door, or if I have to make a door, I will make my own path. I don’t care what those people think, because I’m winning right now.


Vince: How did the opportunity develop for you to be a part of the cast of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta?


Jhonni: Season one, I did a cameo. Season two, I did four episodes, and one of them had the highest rating. So from that point, my former manager Debra Antney got me plugged in.


Vince: You had a team in place, and things didn’t work out. Now you have a new team. What is the new team’s goal for Jhonni Blaze?


Jhonni: We got to find out. We’re doing things backwards, and we’re doing the opposite. Instead of telling everything, I’m like stay tuned. Sometimes people don’t want to see you do great. Some people are malicious, and their hearts are not right. You don’t want to be in their negative flow. So just stay tuned.


Vince: Entertainers aren’t as open and honest as you are. Why are you so open and honest?


Jhonni: I never understood holding things in. If I didn’t feel good, I would tell you. If I wasn’t happy I would let you know. If I’m going through something and I get the information, I spread the information for other people. I like helping people. By sharing the information you can turn a negative into a positive. I’ve always been like this. I’m like why be closed in. I say what people think but are afraid to say.


Vince: Describe your music. What is the Jhonni Blaze sound?


Jhonni: Success. My music is success. My music is life.


Vince: Who are some of the people you looked up to in the music industry?


Jhonni: Brandy, Monica, Whitney, Mariah Carey, Destiny’s Child, Patti LaBelle, Sade- there are so many people. I’m just going to say culture.


Vince: For some artists once they get established with the music, they get bit by the acting bug. They want to be in movies. Is acting and being in movies something you may want to pursue in the future?


Jhonni: It’s cool to tap into other things, but for right now my main focus is the music.


Vince: Tell the fans about the new mixtape?


Jhonni: My mixtape Gift & Curse is coming out December 4th, and I’m excited about it. It’s feelings, it’s what I think. I’m showing my talent in different ways. It’s about things I’ve dealt with in my life. I have a gift, but during a couple of points in my life, I felt cursed. I wondered why I have this gift and can’t use it. So I’ve decided to pull myself away from anything “cursy”, if that makes sense. I know I’m my own worst enemy. I noticed it, and I fixed it.

If you’re one of the skeptics who doesn’t believe in Jhonni Blaze, all you have to do is give her music a chance. Listen to a few of her songs, and you will be transformed into a believer. Once you focus on the artistry, it becomes apparent that Jhonni Blaze is an immense talent. She admits prayer and believing in herself are the keys to helping her survive a multitude of adverse situations.

With the talent and the drive she possess, the only person who can stop Jhonni is Jhonni. She is aware of this fact and focused on not allowing it to happen. Jhonni Blaze is a unique person who displays all the tools needed to become a premier artist. She has the melody, the range, and the voice. The combination of talent, focus, and drive is a sign to fans that Jhonni Blaze is here to stay.



Jhonni Blaze’s music is available on all streaming platforms.



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