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Embracing Love & Spice: An Interview with Rita Smith

Rita Smith is a vibrant TikTok creator known for her spicy content and candid discussions on intimacy in older age. Rita, always unashamed to express her love and romance for her husband, began to spice things up during the pandemic by incorporating costumes into her role-playing and recording her thoughts. With over four decades of marital bliss, Rita challenges stereotypes about older couples and intimacy, proving that love and sex are timeless. In this interview, Rita opens up about her journey, the emotional creation of the “Kitty Wiggle Collection” at 61, and the integral role her husband plays in their shared ventures. She also shares insights on balancing entrepreneurship with family life and the blessings of evolving as a Christian woman.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Rita, Rita?

Rita: My SwagHer is my faith in God and the confidence He gifted me with to inspire people and showcase that all things are possible!

Christina: What inspired you to start creating spicy content on TikTok?

Rita: I was just being myself, never ashamed to show my love and romance for my man. Things got a bit more spicy for us in 2020 during the pandemic. While he was working, I spiced things up by adding more costumes to my role-playing collection and started recording my thoughts. I never thought much about it.

Christina: How has your approach to discussing intimacy in older age helped challenge stereotypes, like older people don’t have sex or be intimate in any way? 

Rita:  I dispelled the myth that older couples like my husband and me, together for 43 blessed years, shouldn’t enjoy sex. We are in love and aging gracefully. Sex keeps us youthful, happy, and glowing, which people saw firsthand. Being in our 60s, we still satisfy each other. We showed that intimacy goes deeper than sex—it’s about patience, endurance, and communication during disagreements.

Christina: How was the journey creating the “Kitty Wiggle Collection” at 61?

Rita: Creating the “Kitty Wiggle Collection” at 61 was emotional. It reminded me of my struggle with endometriosis and how lingerie became my security when I felt helpless. It brought me joy and a sense of accomplishment.

Photo Cred: Clarence Scott Photography

Christina: What role does your husband play in your social media content and business ventures? Has social media impacted your relationship in any negative way? 

Rita:  My husband has been consistently loving, caring, fun, spontaneous, sexy, and shy for 43 blessed years. He brings hope to single women, and men praise him for being the King who keeps his wife crowned.

Christina: How do you balance entrepreneurship while being a wife, mother, and grandmother? 

Rita: We have always worked together and set boundaries, even when our children were young. Our time is our time. Now that our children are adults, they still understand this, and our grandchildren do too. Everyone respects that, and it works well for our family. My husband and I set aside time for our grandchildren, one of our greatest blessings. We are grateful to be in good health to enjoy them. As an entrepreneur, it gets tough as I travel more, but we use FaceTime and other means to stay in touch. I also take personal time to rest and refuel, which is very important. Balance is everything for me. 

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Rita: Yes! I am still evolving as a Christian woman and wife. I don’t understand everything about this new life, but I’ve learned my marriage and story are my ministry. None of this is by my might. God has blessed me in my 60s to become an author, CEO, and inspiration to people worldwide, showing that miracles still happen. Some close to me counted me out, and I never saw this vision, but God brought me through. I encourage others to have faith and let God remove obstacles to receive His best. Stay tuned for our eBook “Love Can’t Wait,” set to release in early July.


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Instagram: @bad_girl_riri504

TikTok: @badgirlriri504


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