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After the Love is Gone: Three Signs It’s Over

Crystal Renay.

Tia Mowry.

Nazanin Mandi.

Cynthia Bailey.

These women all have one thing in common- they have recently filed for divorce from their husbands. Deciding to end a relationship is never easy. But that choice can be even harder when you’re living your life under constant scrutiny. The reality is that everyone wins when women make resolve to choose themselves. If you’re wondering if your relationship is over, read on for a few things to consider. 

1. There is a gap in the emotional connection. 

You’re sitting in the same room, but you may as well be miles apart. Words left unspoken hang overhead. You’re unsure of what is wrong, even though you know something is off. Maybe you dismiss the uneasiness and lean in closer to bridge the gap.

2. Your needs aren’t being met. 

It may begin with them leaving for work without giving you a goodbye kiss. Soon you aren’t getting a welcome home hug either. Or even worse, the kiss or hug feels forced. It doesn’t take long to get into the habit of foregoing those physical expressions of your emotional connection. There could even be a decrease in your sexual connection. Maybe there is something to that uneasiness you’ve been feeling.

3. You’re not being heard. 

It starts with the gap in the emotional connection; then, the gap is expressed with a lack of physical intimacy. Finally, you gather the strength to initiate a conversation about the issues that have been brewing between the two of you. You pour out your heart, and they just sit there expressionless. Or, maybe they take this opportunity to point out all the things you could do differently. Your relationship should be a safe space where both people can express their concerns respectfully and have those feelings and experiences honored. And while there are always things that both parties contribute to the demise of a relationship. Sometimes, the only thing you did wrong was stay past the time you should have let go. 

What are some other signs the relationship is over? Let us know. 


Arnitris L. StrongArticle Written by: Arnitris L. Strong is obsessed with relationships. The relationship between mother and child and how that affects the relationship with self, and how that affects the relationship with the people we choose to do life with. She is a certified relationship coach and owner of The Blessed Dating Experience, where she supports women as they heal their hearts and create a plan to date intentionally in preparation for marriage. You can find her on all social media platforms @blessedbthetie




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