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Sugar Crush: Battling Your Sweet Tooth

Welcome to the Fit and Fierce segment, where Coach Beverly K. Johnson dives deep into topics that affect our overall well-being. Today, Coach Bev tackles a subject that many of us struggle with: sugar. Sugar is something that is not only delicious but also highly addictive. In this episode, we will explore the various aspects of sugar, its impact on our health, and how we can make better choices to minimize its consumption.

The Many Names of Sugar

Did you know that there are over 61 different names for sugar? From cane sugar to high fructose corn syrup, sugar comes in many forms and disguises. Avoiding sugar completely when it is present in so many different products can be challenging. Even when a product claims to be “sugar-free,” it may still contain alternative forms of sugar, such as aspartame or glucose. The key is to be aware of sugar’s different names and minimize our daily consumption.

The Hidden Dangers of Sugar

On average, we consume over 17 teaspoons of sugar daily, which adds up to over 270 calories. This is equivalent to a candy bar or a soda. When we indulge in additional sugary treats throughout the day, such as a fast food meal or an upsized soda, our sugar intake can skyrocket to 540 calories or more. Consuming excessive amounts of sugar can lead to weight gain, acne, and even joint pain. It’s important to be mindful of our sugar intake and make conscious choices to reduce it.

The Sugar Cravings

One of the reasons why sugar is so addictive is because it triggers the release of dopamine, also known as the “happy hormone,” in our brains. This creates a cycle of craving and indulging in sugary treats to experience that temporary feeling of joy. However, excessive sugar consumption can lead to irritability, fatigue, and constant cravings for sweets. Recognizing these signs and finding healthier alternatives to satisfy our cravings is essential.

Factors that Contribute to Sugar Cravings

Several factors can contribute to our sugar cravings. Dehydration, hormonal changes, stress, and nutrient deficiencies can all affect our desire for sugar. It’s important to stay hydrated, manage stress effectively, and ensure we get nutrients from our diet. We can reduce our sugar cravings and make healthier choices by addressing these underlying factors.

Healthy Alternatives to Sugar

When it comes to satisfying our sweet tooth, there are healthier alternatives to consider. Berries, avocados, nuts, and seeds are all excellent options that provide natural sweetness and essential nutrients. These foods can help reduce inflammation, maintain a healthy weight, and support overall well-being. Paying attention to serving sizes and practicing moderation when incorporating these alternatives into our diet is important.


In conclusion, sugar is a pervasive and addictive substance that can have detrimental effects on our health. By understanding the various forms of sugar, recognizing the signs of excessive consumption, and making healthier choices, we can minimize the impact of sugar on our well-being. It’s important to remember that our journey toward a healthier lifestyle is about balance and moderation, not deprivation. By making conscious decisions and being mindful of our sugar intake, we can create a legacy of wellness and happiness for ourselves and our loved ones.

As we move forward, it’s crucial to continue educating ourselves about the impact of sugar on our health and exploring new ways to make healthier choices. By staying informed and making small changes in our daily lives, we can create a future where sugar no longer controls us. Let’s embrace a lifestyle prioritizing our health and well-being, one step at a time.

Remember, the greatest wealth we can ever have in this world is our health. So let’s make choices that nourish our bodies and minds and live our lives to the fullest.


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