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The Phenomenon of Summer Fatigue

Have you heard of the phenomenon of summer fatigue?

Coach Beverly Johnson delves into a topic that has been on her mind for a few weeks now. It seems like many people have been feeling drained, lethargic, and unmotivated lately. They’re experiencing a lack of energy, poor sleep, and even a loss of appetite. But fear not because Coach Bev has some good news. This is not just laziness or a personal failing – it’s an actual condition called summer fatigue.

So, what exactly is summer fatigue? Well, it’s mainly caused by long exposure to the sun during the summer months. The longer days and increased time spent outdoors can make people tired, sluggish, and unwell. It’s a worldwide phenomenon, with even the Japanese having a word for it – “natsubate”, which means having trouble moving due to exhaustion. And with the temperatures reaching dangerous levels across the globe, it’s no wonder that many people are experiencing this condition.

But fear not, because Coach Bev will share insights on how to beat summer fatigue and reclaim energy and vitality. Watch the video below.


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