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This Black Family is Changing the Way We View Sanitary Napkins

The Crump Family created Reign Sanitary Napkins on June 1, 2019, and launched during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Reign Sanitary Napkins is a non-toxic napkin company that infuses Nobel prize-winning graphene into their products. This Graphene provides many benefits, which include helping with dysmenorrhea (painful abdominal cramps), fatigue, metabolism, bacteria, aroma, the immune system, and moving heat away from the core. Throughout their time, Reign has supported hundreds of thousands of women across the country by providing their premium natural sanitary napkins.


Mo: We are excited to learn about Reign Sanitary Napkins. What can you tell us about your company? 

Crump Family: We are a non-toxic sanitary napkin company that infuses Nobel prize-winning graphene into our products bestowing many benefits such as helping with dysmenorrhea (painful abdominal cramps), fatigue, metabolism, bacteria, aroma, immune system, and moving heat away from the core.

We identified an issue within our market and found a solution that services a group of individuals who are often overlooked and ignored. Within the beauty and wellness sphere, feminine care is a category that’s been growing tremendously. It’s an essential uptick, especially given that there are too many gaps in access to quality health care and wellness for Black women. Regin Sanitary Napkins empowers ALL women to take their health into their own hands, and utilizing natural feminine products is only the beginning.  

Mo: Before you found the graphene material you currently use in your products, how many prototypes did you have with the sanitary pad, and how did it feel when you found the right material to use? 

Crump Family: We searched diligently for a combination that would meet the needs of women globally. After listening to what women wanted and needed, we conducted research for months, including surveys and focus groups, until we stumbled upon our winning material, Graphene

Mo: What led to the decision to launch your product during the COVID pandemic? 

Demond Crump: Reign Sanitary Napkins were initially created to provide a solution for my wife, who at the time had just undergone surgery to address a concern regarding her reproductive health. After being introduced to Graphene and finding the prototype, I only had my wife and daughters in mind. It wasn’t until later that we realized the significance of a product like ours. Because of our personal experience, we knew that more women needed to experience Reign and the many benefits that our products offer. What started off as giving away products for friends and family to try quickly morphed into a wellness empire serving hundreds of thousands of women globally. Our products are unlike anything that can be found on the shelves of big box stores, and we pride ourselves on having a science-backed product line. 

Mo: What challenges did you face with the initial launch, and how did you overcome them? 

Crump Family: Like any new business owner, we had to find a way to break through the noise. People generally shop what they know, so we were not fighting for a portion of the market but were dismantling decades of misinformation. We were also educating women on the toxic chemicals inside products created by some of the largest names within the industry. Raw conversations like this led to a breakthrough that we did not expect. Women weren’t just connected to our story or price point; they were elated to convert to a product that catered to their overall well-being and allowed them to look at menstrual cycles differently. 

Mo: You mentioned the need for young men to be more educated on the menstrual cycle. Will Reign Sanitary Napkins be working on any initiatives to help with the lack of knowledge on this topic? 

Crump Family: Conversations around Reign and our mission exist wherever we are. Our teams globally are composed of both men and women for this very reason. Men at Reign have the opportunity to learn about menstrual cycles in-depth and grow their emotional intelligence so that they can advocate for the women within their lives. Women, on the other hand, experience menstrual cycles more intimately. Women at Reign help to drive the conversations that we are a part of and influence the expansion of our product offering. 

Mo: What advice would you give entrepreneurs who want to launch their new product? 

Crump Family: 

  1. Research: Market research provides critical information about your market and business landscape.
  2. Build a team: Your team should be invested in your business and you! It is important to be surrounded by individuals with the skill set capable of turning an idea into something tangible, but it is even more valuable to be surrounded by individuals who can pour into you and fill your cup when it’s running low. 
  3. Stay focused: Remain focused on your goal, and do not become distracted by “competitors.” You should be your only competition and strive to do better than whatever you’ve done before. That is how you win consistently!


Connect with Reign Sanitary Napkins on Instagram @reignpads and at https://jewelpads.com/Home/



Interview Done by: Mo Sharpe | Mo Dozier Sharpe is a serial entrepreneur based in the Atlanta Metro Area. Her experience  includes public health, media, PR, and small business operations. Her exceptional research  skills are a great addition to the SwagHer Magazine team along with her previous experience as an Entertainment and News Journalist.


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