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Unleashing Smiles and Success: Meet Dr. Bobbi Peterson, the Orthodontist Who Revolutionized Oral Care with the Big Mouth Toothbrush

Discover the trailblazing journey of Dr. Bobbi Peterson, an accomplished orthodontist whose passion for science led her to carve a path of excellence in the dental world. In an exclusive interview with SwagHer Magazine for Black Business Month, Dr. B opens up about her personal and professional life, shedding light on the pivotal moments that shaped her successful career and how she became responsible for the perfect smiles in Brooklyn.


JL: Have you always known you wanted to be an orthodontist?

Dr. Bobbi: I always knew I was interested in science, and I wasn’t sure which field I wanted to be in until I realized being an orthodontist was the best option for me.

JL:  How long has your office in Brooklyn been open? Are you a Brooklyn native?

Dr.B: My office in Brooklyn has been open since 2008, but I am actually from New Jersey. 

JL: What high school did you graduate from? How would you describe yourself as an adolescent? Studious? Distracted?

Dr.B: I went to four different high schools (lol) but graduated from Saint Mary’s H.S. in Elizabeth, NJ. I was a mix of studious (always received great grades) but somewhat distracted because I was way too social. Most of the trouble I would get into would be due to my Big Mouth… Pun intended, Lol!

JL: How important was it to attend an HBCU? Which university did you attend?

Dr.B: Attending an HBCU was very important to me. I attended Howard University. It provided a supportive environment and a sense of community that significantly shaped my career and advancements.

JL: What role did family play in your career and advancements?

Dr.B: Family has been a crucial support system throughout my career. They encouraged and motivated me to pursue my dreams, and their unwavering support has been instrumental in my success.

JL: If you hadn’t pursued orthodontics, what other profession would you have found yourself in?

Dr.B: If not orthodontics, I might have pushed pharmacy! Can you imagine me as a neighborhood pharmacist? Lol!

JL:  It’s been said that oral health is one of the most neglected hygiene areas. In your opinion, what does it take to maintain a healthy smile besides the usual flossing and brushing?

Dr. B: That’s something I absolutely believe because I see the neglect on a daily basis. Besides brushing, rinsing, and flossing twice a day, seeing your dental professional twice a year is super important! It’s always best to catch any potential dental issues as early as possible. 

JL: What oral products do you swear by?

Dr. B: I swear by the Big Mouth toothbrush! 

JL:  Are you a hot mom or boss babe? What does it look like when you don’t have to be either mom (if applicable) or boss? Hobbies? Travel?

Dr.B: Haha, well, I’d like to think of myself as a boss babe. When not being a mom or working, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, and exploring new places. 

JL: Let’s get into your product Big Mouth toothbrush. What inspired this unique design and its all-inclusive features?

Dr. B: The idea for the Big Mouth toothbrush was sparked by the rise in gum disease cases among patients during the global pandemic. Witnessing this trend, I was determined to design an electric toothbrush that could simultaneously provide more comprehensive coverage for both gums and teeth. This led to the creation of a larger toothbrush head. Moreover, I wanted to cater to various dental needs, so we included clean, polish, white, gum care/massage, and sensitive settings. The goal was to offer a versatile and effective oral care solution to address different requirements.

JL: Speaking of boss moves, how did it feel to secure the bag while appearing on an episode of Shark Tank?

Dr. B: Appearing on Shark Tank was an exhilarating experience. Securing the investment and gaining recognition for the Big Mouth toothbrush felt amazing. It gave us an opportunity to reach a broader audience and expand our business.

SHARK TANK – “1416” – Entrepreneurs come to the Tank to present their ideas to the Sharks in hopes of landing a deal, featuring an edible flower company, a sun protective solution, a clean makeup brand, and a modern dental tool used for oral care. FRIDAY, MARCH 3 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Christopher Willard)

JL: How did you reinvest the money you earned from Shark Tank?

Dr. B: The money earned from Shark Tank was primarily reinvested in expanding our team. 

JL: Ultimately, was the investment worthwhile? Given what you now know, what else would you have asked the panel of sharks for?

Dr. B: Yes, the investment has been very worthwhile for the growth of Aces Braces and the success of the Big Mouth toothbrush. With what I know now, I might have asked the panel of sharks for additional support in marketing and distribution to reach even more customers.

JL: Are you working on any new projects?

Dr. B: We’re always working on new projects and innovations. Aces Braces has now expanded to Philly. The Big Mouth Toothbrush recently released an upgraded version called the Big Mouth Toothbrush Sonic 2.0, and we currently have it in black. It has sonic power, making it 5x more powerful than the Original Big Mouth Toothbrush. 


Connect with Dr. Bobbi Peterson below. 




Interview Done by: Jaymi Le | Jaymi Le is currently living a Bichie lifestyle in the streets of Brooklyn. She writes, produces, and talks her ish effortlessly. Follow all things me @talktomslee_. Remember to keep it cute, I might be talking about you on


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