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Bestselling Author Dr. Cindy Trimm Shares Tips on How to be “Unstoppable”

Best-selling author, Dr. Cindy Trimm is an international thought leader, sought-after empowerment specialist, revolutionary thinker and one of the most prolific voices of our time. Her best-selling books, empowerment resources and coaching programs have sold in the millions. She declares, “I see the world filled with dreamers, innovators and industry leaders who contribute to making this world a better place—who push humanity forward and who influence others to do the same!”

Dr. Trimm’s background of humble beginnings, and as a former senator, helped to create the sought-after thought leader and widely respected business and life strategist. She trained in strategic leadership at the prestigious Oxford University Said Business School and Corporate Governance at Harvard.  She travels the world advising and empowering leaders with a fresh perspective on human potential and how to succeed in the new normal. She is the founder and CEO of Trimm Group of Companies, including Trimm Institute for Global Leadership and Trimm Global Charities.

Dr. Trimm states that to build an unstoppable life to ensure a successful path in life you have to understand the following things. “There are all sorts of obstacles that can be thrown in our way.  Keeping the main thing the main thing is important.  So many people have potential but doubt their ability to make their dreams a reality.  It’s all about mindset mastery, success skills development and the personal orientation one holds toward themselves as an empowered being and the world,” Dr. Trimm says. 

Here are 3 tips that can help you to build an unstoppable life:

Dream big, go hard and believe that all things are possible.

In my book Unstoppable: Compete With Your Best Self and Win, I encourage the readers with these words

You were born winning. Your biological beginning is proof that you are a born winner. Out of 250 million “others” competing for gold—the proverbial golden egg—at conception, you won! You were preprogrammed to maximize your potential and utilize your full capacity as a winner. If you could do that without a fully developed mind, or fully developed heart, hands, feet, and eyes, can you imagine what you can do, accomplish, and achieve now that you have them? You are unstoppable!

You are one of a kind—an original. That means the only true competition you have is yourself[MK1]. And here’s some exceptionally good news: In competition, someone must always be declared the winner. But as Roger Staubach once said, “winning isn’t getting ahead of others. It’s getting ahead of yourself.” If you compete with yourself…you are guaranteed to win! Now, you may be thinking, “Dr. Trimm, how do I compete with myself?” 

We all know how to win a race against other runners. Run faster than everyone else and you win. When competition is based on quantifiable differences that measure the fastest, strongest, smartest, most popular or bestselling, it is easy to determine the winner. Tally the numbers and award the prize to the person with the highest score. But if you’re competing against yourself, how do you gauge progress? How do you know if you’re winning? It’s all about knowing that you have the potential at any given moment to become a better version of yourself.

If you are looking outward, you can’t see how much potential you really have.

So, you must look inward.



Dr. Trimm is so convinced that creating an unstoppable life can be the gamechanger in helping people supercharge their lives, their businesses and their brands. Showing readers how to create these lives with her new book Unstoppable: Compete With Your Best Self and Win! 

Unstoppable: Compete With Your Best Self and Win is the optimum book for resetting and making progressive steps to your success. Unstoppable: Compete With Your Best Self and Win provides a step-by-step plan on how to evolve into the next level of power by leveraging your expertise, your brand, and your work experience. It is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to re-evaluate what they want from life and win the competition against themselves so they can ultimately win at life. Unstoppable: Compete With Your Best Self and Win will help readers chart their own personal plan to success, no matter how they define and measure it.

Learn more about Dr. Trimm by visiting or get your copy of Unstoppable via Amazon and by following her on social media.  Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube 






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