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Wednesday Wonder Woman: Susan Ojo-Fati

Susan Ojo-Fati is a small business trailblazer, DC-born, and Twin Cities-raised. She launched her family-centered home-based businesses. Wrapped In My Roots, a fashion accessory line, and Comfortem, a maternity clothing line. Wrapped In My Roots won the 2022 Hair accessory of the year from BFABW. Susan’s strong healthcare and tech background pushed her to venture into entrepreneurship. Her brands have both been modeled and worn by everyday people. She believes in improving the lives of others, one small business at a time.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Susan, Susan?

Susan: My passion and purpose make me who I am.

Christina: Why did you start Wrapped in My Roots?

Susan: After having my daughter, I started Wrapped in My Roots during the pandemic. My scarves kept me sane and stylish, and I wanted to share that experience with others too. I wanted them to express themselves with our accessories while being their authentic self.

Christina: What is your favorite hair accessory, and why?

Susan: My favorite hair accessory is my black velvet head wrap, which started my hair accessory business. I wore it while I brought my daughter into the world, so as my daughter Nia came into existence, so did my business.

Christina: You have a strong background in healthcare and tech. What inspired you to pursue entrepreneurship instead of staying in the field?

Susan: I was inspired to start my entrepreneurial journey through my family. My children were the inspiration behind my businesses. I wanted to build generational wealth and leave a legacy for them. In addition, my strong background in healthcare and tech has helped me to solve issues and help my community. For instance, I created Positively Plugged from that knowledge, a tech company for business owners that promotes the health and wellness of business owners.

Christina: What is one word your friends would use to describe you and why?

Susan: Stubborn. I am a hopeful person that never gives up, no matter how bad the situation seems. I am an overcomer and will always speak positive words.

Christina: Tell us about your maternity clothing line, Comfortem. Where can readers go to purchase? 

Susan: I officially launched Comfortem in 2022. Our family-centered approach to providing the best maternity line started after purchasing outfits that ripped after the first wash. I wanted to offer mothers comfortable, affordable, and long-lasting clothing. Our maternity nursing, pajamas, and loungewear sets are super-soft, versatile, and available in burgundy and black in XS-XXL sizes. Mothers can wear our maternity sets at any stage of the motherhood journey. Comfortem is a unique experience because it has allowed me to be part of other people’s motherhood journey, and I am honored to be part of it. Our maternity sets are available on our website (https://www.comfortem.com) and Etsy (https://www.comfortemshop.etsy.com)

Christina: How do you practice self-care?

Susan: I practice self-care by unplugging from life’s distractions and listening to my body. I love getting massages, listening to music, and having quiet time.

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Susan: A hidden talent that I discovered is that I am a phenomenal speaker. I want to challenge everyone to try new things, even if it scares you! Find yourself and what you enjoy doing. Live your life with no regrets. Take that leap!


Connect with Susan below:

Website: https://www.wrappedinmyroots.com 

Instagram: @wrappedinmyroots  & @comfortem 

LinkedIn: SusanOjo-Fati


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