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An Interview w/ Kay Shanee, an Author that Illuminates Black Love

Kay Shanee is deeply committed to promoting positive representations of Black Love. Her passion for uplifting narratives springs from personal experiences and a determination to challenge all the negative stereotypes of Black relationships perpetuated by the media. Motivated by the deep bond with her husband, Kay began on a mission to highlight the depth, intensity, and beauty of Black Love often overlooked by society. Through her extensive literary portfolio—consisting of over 40 books—Kay not only celebrates romantic partnerships but also explores the significance of love across various relationships within the Black community, including familial ties and friendships. 

By integrating authentic challenges into her stories that lead to empowering resolutions, Kay entertains her readers and instills hope and inspiration. Join us as we delve deeper into Kay’s journey, her perspectives on maintaining strong relationships, and the profound impact of her storytelling in fostering healthy connections within and beyond the Black community.



Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Kay, Kay? 

Kay: I think my transparency and authenticity makes me, me. Regardless of the situation, I will always present my true self.

Christina: What inspired you to start on a mission to promote positive narratives for Black Love, and how has your personal journey influenced your writing? 

Kay: The love between me and my husband is my main inspiration. However, because the media doesn’t give a positive portrayal of love between Black people, I want to show the world that there’s a side of us that they don’t get an opportunity to witness, and it’s a beautiful thing. Black people love each other with a fierceness and a passion like no other, and the world needs to know.

Christina: What is the one thing you love most about writing and why?

Kay: I love creating my own little worlds and giving readers something to aspire to. Most of my characters are educated professionals who own their own businesses or contribute positively to the workforce. Again, because the media portrays us in such a negative light, it’s important for me to show the positive side.

Christina: With over 40 books dedicated to Black Love, how do you believe they contribute to fostering healthy relationships within the Black community? 

Kay: In my books I don’t only show healthy Black Love in romantic relationships, but also in parent/child, sisterhoods, brotherhoods, and friendships. We build strong bonds that last a lifetime and it’s important to know.

Christina: As someone who has been married for over 26 years, can you share some things you’ve learned about maintaining a strong and healthy relationship?

Kay: It may sound cliche, but communication is key. In relationships, no one can read minds. Problems and issues cannot be solved if your partner is not aware of them. You must also know your boundaries or limits and communicate those to your partner. Successful relationships, romantic or otherwise, take work, and you must be willing to do the work when times get rough.

Christina: How do you navigate the balance between portraying realistic challenges in relationships while also uplifting and inspiring your readers to believe in the power of Black Love? 

Kay: All of my books end happily ever after; however, that doesn’t mean they don’t experience real-life challenges. Before the book ends, they’ve discovered ways to conquer those challenges, whether it be through therapy, moving to another city, quitting a job, or ending a relationship. Whatever it is, at the end of the book, the outcome will be positive.

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Kay: Reading is something that many people do to escape from the harsh realities of life. Although I write fiction, there are many aspects of my stories that are real. I hope that by reading them, readers are inspired and encouraged. Sometimes, life will become dark, but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.


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Instagram: @authorkayshanee

Facebook: AuthorKayShanee


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