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Reigning Over Digital Realms: An Interview with “The Queen of Digital Marketing”

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, Chantelle Douglas, the visionary founder of Write For You Media, has carved out a distinct niche for herself. From her humble beginnings as an administrative assistant to her crowning as “The Queen of Digital Marketing,” Chantelle’s journey is as inspiring as it is emblematic of the power of determination and self-belief. In this exclusive interview, Christina delves deep into Chantelle’s trajectory, exploring her motivations, her advocacy for Black business owners, and the unique approach that sets Write For You Media apart in the competitive digital marketing sphere. Join us as we uncover the insights and inspirations behind Chantelle’s remarkable success.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Chantelle, Chantelle? 

Chantelle: I am not afraid to take the road less traveled, stand out, and be set apart from the status quo. I am a great action-taker that is always optimistic for optimal outcomes. 

Christina: What inspired you to start Write For You Media, and how did your journey from digital marketing to becoming “The Queen of Digital Marketing” unfold?

Chantelle: In 2015, I began working for a nonprofit organization. Initially, I was hired on as the administrative assistant, but after learning about my Communication-Public Relations degree the executive director felt I’d be a good fit for the role of social media manager and email marketer. I loved it. Bringing the clients together via digital communication and keeping the donors engaged and ready to give it all brought me joy. A year later, at a time when the “Buy Black” movement was gaining traction, I decided to take that new skill set and begin my entrepreneurial journey. I crowned myself Queen in 2019 as my niche was becoming saturated. I knew I had to stand out to make my mark, and I knew that what we say about ourselves plays a huge role in our success. It was a way to keep me motivated on the journey and call in my ideal tribe. 

Christina: As an alumna of Southern University & A&M College, how do you use your educational background to advocate for and illuminate the achievements of black business owners, especially Black Women in Business?

Chantelle: I love to see us win—a small win or a big feat—it doesn’t matter. I use the tenacity gained from attending a prestigious HBCU to motivate clients and constituents in my Black Women in Business network. 

Christina: Can you share the impact Write For You Media has had on the marketing strategies of over 2,000 female entrepreneurs and other business owners?

Chantelle: One thing those who have worked with me or have been in community with me have learned is that marketing your business has to be a consistent commitment, and your mindset about yourself and the success of your business must be healthy to stay the course.

Christina: What do you believe sets your consulting services apart in the competitive digital marketing world?

Chantelle: I focus on mindset, accountability, and doing the work. Many think it’s one magical thing that must be done to attain digital success, but it’s not. The journey starts with how you think, the actions you take, and the consistent work you put it in. 

Christina: Looking to the future, what are your aspirations for Write For You Media, and how do you envision continuing to make a positive impact on the entrepreneurial community?

Chantelle: I will soon be promoting my physical location, where we will offer in-person consultations and print services and host events. I will have a team of Queen’s like me to handle my client load. The flexibility of my business will allow for flexible price points.

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Chantelle: If you need digital marketing consulting, social media management, email marketing, or lead generation services, don’t hesitate to reach out. I am grateful for this opportunity. Thank you for having me. 


Connect with Chantelle below:


Instagram: @thequeenofdigitalmarketing 




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