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Theories & Thoughts: Dyslexia is My Superpower

Dyslexia as a superpower? We’ve heard of wilder things. In this episode, Ashley Krejci Shaw, a business consultant and researcher, shares how she learned to overcome seeing her dyslexia as a disability or weakness, tapping into her superpower. Hear as she explains how she turned it into her strength. 

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About Ashley Krejci Shaw

Ashley Krejci Shaw is a researcher, consultant, author and podcast host. She’s also the founder of InterMediate Planning, a mindful consultancy that helps leaders find better, more ethical, non-discriminately ways of doing things for the vulnerable and misunderstood. The U.S.-born Canadian advocate has worked with corporate partners such as Embassy Suites Hotels, popular nonprofits like United Way, and other reputable brands. As an author, her works can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The peer-reviewed scholar has published nearly 10 case studies and reveals dyslexia as her superpower.


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