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Views From SwagHer Tower: Episode 1

Views From SwagHer Tower is a motivational and powerful hour of interviews that are meant to inspire, encourage, uplift, and give knowledge to the SwagHer Magazine audience. Each Monday tune in as we meet awesome, inspiring guests that are doing amazing things. There’s no subject off the table when you visit SwagHer Tower.

Guest 1: Latosha Push

This episode of Views From SwagHer Tower features Latosha Push of People Moving Forward speaking on her 31-day affirmation journal, A King’s Mindset, she created specifically for men while she was a corrections officer. During her time as a CO she noticed the only positive books that were available were the Koran and the Bible. Providing this tool for men has had a positive outcome. Her books are available in multiple jails and prisons. Her motivating story doesn’t stop there because she isn’t just an author; she is a motivational speaker! 

Guest 2- Samantha Jax

Our second guest Samantha Jax is an author of 6 books, several of them self-published. She is a mental health advocate with a strong relationship with NAMI and also has her own non-profit REAC, which focuses on ensuring people receive mental health support regardless of their income or financial status. Samantha is a wholesaler of mink lashes and a beauty kiosk fleet. 

These ladies motivate us, give us knowledge of their businesses and confirm that anything is possible!

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About Keshia “K.B.” Green

Keshia “K.B.” Green is a wife, mother, veteran, former publicist, and owner of The Britton Group Public Relations a public relations firm for small businesses. She is the creator of Britton Group Public Relations University (BGPRU), an online set of courses that teaches public relations practices in a DIY format for those who wish to learn more about public relations for their small business. A graduate of Clark Atlanta University, her noted accomplishments include being a published author and magazine contributor.


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