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Meet the Founder of Bijou Health, LLC, Brittany Oliver

Brittany Oliver takes a raw, honest, and quick-witted homegirl approach as an advocate, mentor, and empowerment speaker. She was born in Phoenix, AZ,  the oldest of four children raised by a lioness of a black queen. Oliver has dedicated the last twenty years of her life to mastering healthcare operations, most of that time fighting personal battles in silence. It’s through her own experiences as a corporate administrator, an entrepreneur, and a survivor. She’s learned that we can accomplish the career, health, and life goals we desire. Small changes in our focus lead to larger changes in our daily actions, creating our champion mindset – and winning life.

Oliver is the founder and CEO of Bijou Health, LLC, a national medical billing and consulting firm. The company’s mission is to empower all healthcare providers with the tools needed to practice and thrive independently. She created the organization because she recognized a void in services catering to female and minority healthcare practitioners. She is also the founding CEO of IAmBOliver, LLC, a labor of love organization helping women thrive in every area of their lives.

Brittany leveraged her background and passion for helping women succeed and expanded it from one-on-one mentorship programs to motivational speaking. She sees public speaking as an opportunity to connect with and help more people and believes the work motivational speakers do is not only meaningful but necessary. The time we spend with participants is used to connect, encourage,  guide,  and give real-life answers to real-life issues. Her aim as a speaker is to spark a light in those listening and show people she empathizes with their struggle. I speak openly about toxic friendships, surviving domestic violence, being marginalized, experiencing racism at work, fighting the criminal justice system, thoughts of suicide, and the strategies I used to begin the healing process.

During the COVID pandemic of 2020, she had the distinguished honor of becoming a first-time author. Additionally, she was asked to be a speaker at the Art of Transparency Tour. Her introductory book, “A Black Girls’ Survival Kit: Corporate America,” is a how-to climb the corporate ladder while securing a work-life balance for every girl currently in the professional wilderness. The AOT Tour has helped me reach more women who, like myself, have felt alone or isolated because of their often colliding personal and professional lives. Oliver believes mindfulness is key to success. 


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Brittany, Brittany?

Brittany: What makes Brittany, Brittany, is my tenacity. I refused to give up or quit beyond that; I would say my learned grace in the face of difficulty.

Christina: What inspired you to begin Bijou Health, LLC? What are some services your business provides? 

Brittany:  I was motivated to create Bijou Health because I noticed a gap in the market. I didn’t see where practitioners of color/ female were offered the same services or a seat at the table that their male and white counterparts were. Bijou Health is a national medical billing company that provides services from credentialing, full RCM, practice start-up, and practice management.

Christina: Have you always wanted to work in the healthcare industry? If not, what did you want to do? 

Brittany: No, not at all, my actual dream was to dance professionally as a ballerina and work for Alvin Ailey, but a knee injury changed everything.

Christina: Tell us a little bit about your other business, IAmBOliver, LLC. 

Brittany: IAmBOliver is all about women empowerment, inspired by many of my life events. But, before all the other titles I wear, one of the most important is a mentor. I feel it’s so important to pull up as many women as possible. Women can do amazing things sometimes; we need encouragement or support taking that first step to our dreams.

Christina: How do you practice self-care? 

Brittany: I make it a priority to set aside time out for myself. Something as simple as my standing facial and nail appointment with setting my phone set to do-not-disturb. I’m also big on self-care Sundays with meditations, candle-lit bubble baths, my lazy Sunday playlists, and a glass of wine.  

Christina: What are three words your friends would use to describe you? 

Brittany: Genuine. Loving. Passionate.

Christina: You are a first-time author. Tell us a little bit about your book, “A Black Girls’ Survival Kit: Corporate America.” Where can readers go to purchase it? 

Brittany: The black girl survival kit is about my experience in corporate America trying to climb the ladder while dealing with real-life issues. I speak in depth bout some moderately taboo topics. Women out there need to hear how someone else made it through what they are currently going through. The book also offers tips on avoiding some of the mistakes that I made along the way. First-quarter 2022, you will be able to purchase the book on multiple platforms. You can pre-order now for a discounted rate at www.iamboliver.com.

Christina: Who or What inspires you to continue doing the work that you do? 

Brittany: The incredible women I call my friends inspire me. My family inspires me, my husband and the future I envision for our family inspire me. The stories of remarkable women and how they overcame obstacles motivate me. 

Christina: Do you have any upcoming projects or events you would like to share with our readers? 

Brittany: At the moment the company has been the focus, especially with all our new clients. We will be adding some additional services in Q2 2021.

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Brittany: Adversity is necessary. Everything I experienced was needed for me to become the women I am today. I would encourage everyone to remember that while there are going through trials and tribulations.


Connect with Brittany below: 

Website: www.iamboliver.com  

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamb.oliver/?hl=en

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/brittany-o-564a8488


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