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Touch It: Five Benefits of Self-Pleasure

For many people, the topic of sex can be sensitive. If that’s the case, this masturbating segment is not for you. Although many of us avoid the subject, we are all aware that it occurs and is an inevitable part of life. Masturbation has several advantages for your physical and emotional health and relieves stress. Understanding who you are and what you want in an intimate relationship depends on how you explore and value your own body.

Here are five reasons why pleasing yourself is essential:

  • Let’s begin with the numerous health benefits.
    • Endorphins and Oxytocin released during an orgasm will elevate your mood.
    • An orgasmic release can give you a good night’s sleep
    • Sex (solo or not) will keep the blood flowing to your genitals
    • Endorphins and Oxytocin released during an orgasm will elevate your mood.
  • Oxytocin boosts our mood. We learned that Oxytocin, when released, boosts our mood, but I bet you didn’t realize that it also helps us get rid of our desire to stuff our faces with Little Debbie cakes or family-sized bags of chips. Oxytocin releases whether you orgasm or not when there’s stimulation of the cervix, breast, and vagina.
  • Masturbation can enhance sperm quality in men ready to start a family. The body will release those sperms in the semen that carry tubules if you masturbate before having sex, making it possible for the new sperm to be fresher, facilitating conception.
  • Your blood vessels expand during an orgasm, increasing blood flow to the skin. The orgasmic release of Oxytocin can lessen inflammation, which helps hide zits and rashes. If you ever wondered why you or your partner ‘glow’ after sex, now you know why.
  • It’s a self-esteem booster! You become confident and comfortable with your body and sexual needs when you learn how to satisfy yourself. Therefore, if someone tells you that you’re sexy, they wouldn’t be telling you anything that you wouldn’t already know *Wink*


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