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New Year’s Reset: Step One – Creating a Morning Routine

Every year, since time immemorial, people all over the world have practiced a very common exercise…creating New Year’s resolutions. Agh…New Year’s Day! A start of a New Year and hopefully a new beginning for change and elevation. Many would sit down and really focus on what they wanted to do differently in the New Year, based on the progress or lack thereof from the previous year. Some would make up their minds that they would simply STOP- stop smoking, stop overeating, stop procrastinating and start something positive. 

Oftentimes, when New Year’s resolutions are made, the intent is great, however, the execution gets lost in the sauce of “life happening”. When this happens, many people find themselves disappointed instead of just trying again. Much of the time, the resolutions are made without looking at the core root of what needs to change or what foundation needs to be set in order for the resolution to come to fruition. 

Well, SwagHer Magazine has created “The New Year’s Reset”. Instead of “resolutions”, let’s look at the New Year as an opportunity to reset our life and even create habits that will serve as a foundation for those habits you want to break or even begin. Foundational habits or “routines” often provide a better outlook as they are weighted in identifying the root. The term “reset” means to start again, start fresh. This school of thought should be applied throughout this year due to many unforeseeable changes in our world today. Even if life throws a wrench in your “plans”, don’t give up. Let’s change our thinking this year and be okay with a “reset”, even if it occurs more than once.

Our first reset for the New Year will be “Creating a Morning Routine”. 

Your day, week, month, and year is all indicative of how you sleep at night and how you begin your day. Let’s talk about how you begin your day. 

In order to wake up refreshed, you have to look at your sleeping habits. Many people who have been working for years can wake up at the crack of dawn without a flinch. Their natural alarm clock is set to a specific time to wake up and start moving in the day. Most people who have this “natural alarm clock”, wake up at the same time every day regardless of how they sleep at night. 

Good sleep hygiene is important in creating a morning routine. According to, “Good sleep hygiene (also) means being aware of your thoughts and moods as you go to bed. The hardest thing for most people to do when trying to fall asleep is to avoid thinking about what they need to do the next day.” 

Where do you sleep? How do you sleep? Do you pass out with the television on? Do you just hop into bed from a long day? Consider where you sleep; if the environment is peaceful and calm; take a hot shower before bed to wash the day away; put on clean, soft pajamas; and make your sleeping experience as relaxing as possible. Need some type of “background noise” in order to fall asleep? Think about turning on sleep music or soothing sounds such as rainfall or the instrumental version to your favorite slow jams. 

Studies show that those who have a positive morning ritual or routine where they are putting their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs first, are not only more productive but have more clarity and focus than those who just jump into their day. The self-care industry has skyrocketed with products such as journals, books, audiobooks, posters, and trinkets with affirmations, aromatherapy tools, and even food prep services all for one reason…to get people to pay attention to their mind, body, and spirits! The number of people in the world who suffer from depression, anxiety, emotional disorders, social disorders, and the like are on a constant climb. It is so important to take time out for yourself! And the best time is in the calm of the morning. 


Now, I know for some, you may be saying, “I am not a morning person”. Trust me, I get it. However, why not try something different? Even if you get up 10 minutes earlier than normal just to stretch your body, you will feel different. There must be something to this “morning routine” theory that many people on social media have created reels featuring how they start their day.  

Here are a few tips on creating a morning routine. 

Sleep Good and then “Wake Up” 

If you have to be at work at 8 am and you get up just in time to shower, get dressed, grab a bite or not and go, then you need to rethink your morning routine. Instead of rushing to get to work or jump online if you work from home, why not get up earlier and spend some time with yourself! 

Do Something for “YOU”

Whether you do 10 minutes of yoga, drink a favorite cup of “something hot” in the morning, and look outside of a window, do something especially for you and only you! Therapists can attest to the many patients they have that simply do not know how to stop doing for everyone else and do something for themselves! This is so important with the many life changes that occur globally, country to country, and even in our own backyard. 

Learn this now…It is okay to take care of YOU! Youtube has many videos on morning routines incorporating “self-love” and “self-care”. Wearing a t-shirt that says, “Love Thy Own Self” is a nice start but the proof is in the pudding. There must be an intentional action. Do it for yourself, those who love you, your job, even the stranger on the street that may want to get to know you. 


Consistency is Cool, but be open to CHANGE


So, in implementing your morning routine, my best advice is to free flow. You may choose specific self-care routines that you want to stick to…trust me, that is fine. BUT be open to change! The idea is to do something for YOU, but not get stuck in a rut where now your new morning routine becomes redundant and loses its flavor! 


Heck! You may want coffee one day and pea flower tea the next. You may want to spend the morning writing in your journal or listening to affirmations. You may want to listen to your favorite playlist while blending a smoothie or watch an episode of a Netflix series in the morning with a bowl of cereal! You may want to meal prep in the morning (just for you alone), treating yourself to much-needed nourishment or you may want to cook a bomb breakfast that is exquisite with a glass of champagne! Be open…Free flow…now try it! 

Sabrina Espere Carrington

Sabrina Espere Carrington @sabrinaespere| Born and raised in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., Sabrina Espere Carrington has always been around creatives, writers, artists and powerful women in business. As a little girl, Sabrina enjoyed writing poetry and even short stories. Little did she know that she would grow to love writing and have the desire to become a columnist/magazine writer. In addition to her writing, Sabrina is also a motivational speaker and Women’s Empowerment Coach. She has been featured on numerous podcasts, live talk shows, and radio broadcasts. Since the Pandemic, Sabrina has been a sought after expert- giving advice and encouragement to listeners around the world. She has been interviewed by some of the best hosts in the media.



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