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4 Thrifty or FREE Ways to Obtain Professional Certifications

The world of education has opened and become inclusive for all willing to obtain knowledge. A recent conversation with an HR professional revealed that the specialization of certifications allows prospective employees to stand out. As always, we are here to provide you with free and thrifty ways to obtain these certifications and stick out amongst competitors in business and industry.

  1. Tried and true Alison allows you to obtain certificates and diplomas for the free. The range of topics are as broad as the industries, businesses, and hustles you’d acquire them for. Interested in fitness training on the side? There are diplomas and certs for that. Marketing or IT? YEP! They’ve got you.
  2. Hubspot Academy is a site I (Dutchess) recently found on a Google search for free certifications. Looking to enhance my portfolio and CV, I wanted to be my thrifty self, and I discovered this site. Currently, I am working towards the Content Marketing Certification, which I am enjoying as I learn.
  3. Groupon. Need the TFOL cert to teach online from the comfort of your home? Search Groupon to find that and dozens of other courses from holistic nutrition, A+ Certification to soap making and yoga instructor for deep, deep discounts.

Psssttt: There are books in the library. Also, most libraries have an online database of free test preparation material and tutoring service. The library has a wealth of information and well educated and trained librarians that would love to interact with you.

Your local library, Small Business Association, and College Campus all will generally offer free or reduced-cost training to prepare you for all manner of certification. Get involved in your community. Some civic organizations and rotary clubs provide small scholarships for professional enhancements.

  1. Agencies. Certain agencies like realtor and life insurance offer free or reduced training, testing and continuing education. Make use of your telephone; it’s a handy feature on your smart device that allows you to vocally speak to people that may be able to help you.
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