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5 Black-Owned Cannabis Brands & Dispensaries to Support this Holiday!

Are you looking for a unique gift for the Cannabis connoisseur in your life and are unsure where to look. Here are 5 Black-Owned Cannabis brands and Dispensaries you should consider patronizing this holiday season. 




We know that the War on Drugs, unfortunately, disproportionately impacted African Americans, and continues to do even long after the prime of the drug war in the 1980s and 90s. In 2010, Bernard Noble was arrested for possession of two joints’ worth of cannabis flower, and sentenced to 13 years of hard labor behind bars. His case began to draw attention on social media, and quickly became a national symbol for the need to reform our country’s harsh drug laws, resulting in him being released seven years into his sentence.

Bernard is now a founder and beneficiary to the B NOBLE brand, which released a product partnership earlier this year in collaboration with Curaleaf and Fab 5 Freddy. The original B NOBLE product contains two joints made of two grams of cannabis, the amount of cannabis that Bernard was sentenced for. The brand now offers whole flower in some locations. B NOBLE products are offered in Curaleaf locations across the nation. A portion of proceeds from every sale goes to an organization working in cannabis justice and reform. 


Brown Girl Jane

Co-founders, Nia Jones, Malaika Jones, and Tai Beauchamp, experienced strong stigma related to cannabis because of the harm caused by the War on Drugs. However, once Malaika used CBD for spinal pain management after having her third child, their eyes were open to the benefits of natural medicine, and Brown Girl Jane was born!


Leaving health and wellness at the forefront, Brown Girl Jane is passionate about the wellness of black women and offers safe, high-quality CBD products for consumption. The Brown Girl Jane collection begins with natural strains of broad-spectrum hemp that are high in CBD, with all traces of THC extracted to a point of zero detection. In-house Ph.D.’s and chemists allow the business to have the highest formulations and quality of raw materials in the industry, which are also highly regulated and safe for consumers.

Mary & Main 

Hope jumped into the cannabis field because she saw an economic opportunity. The youngest, black woman dispensary owner in the country, Hope wants her business, Mary & Main, to be a place that feels comfortable and doesn’t perpetuate the stigma associated with cannabis in the African American community. With a mission of keeping patients at the forefront of everything that it does, Mary & Main offers personalized, safe medical cannabis care to individuals across the state of Maryland. From whole flowers to edibles, vaporizers, and concentrates, Mary & Main can meet your medical cannabis needs.


Growing up in the Nancy Reagan era on “Just say no!” Whitney Beatty avoided cannabis throughout most of her life. After being diagnosed with anxiety, she extensively researched options to support her symptoms and realized that many individuals in similar situations had been consuming cannabis. She shook off years of stigma, tried it, and her anxiety improved drastically. 

After meeting many like-minded users, who lamented about a lack of a good storage system for their cannabis, Apothecarry was born. Apothecarry provides high-class, discreet, practical, and technologically advanced products that keep cannabis fresh, secure, and safe, offering luxury and class for the modern-day smoker. 

Rolling Bouqe

CK Dunson was introduced to the benefits of cannabis after suffering a series of injuries from sports. As an athlete, CK found great relief from cannabis and decided to insert himself into the market. Frustrated by the lack of quality rolling papers on the market, CK Dunson founded Rolling Bouqe. The Washington D.C.-based company prides itself on providing all-natural, highly experiential hemp rolling paper products for its customers. 


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