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A Career Change Could Change Your Life


A lot of women make career decisions based on salary, benefits, and scheduling. Unfortunately, we are still behind men in pay and job flexibility. Perhaps, it’s time to consider commonly male-dominated fields. Here are a few fields that maybe you haven’t researched, but probably should.

  • Drivers

CDL drivers command large salaries. Class B drivers, straight trucks (garbage and dump trucks), and towing vehicles command a salary around $40,000.00 according to Glass Door. These drivers typically work a 6 am until finish shift with options for overtime.

  • Warehousing/ Logistics

Latashia Johnson, a packaging technician, earns a $90,000 salary. She stated that she loves that she can write her own check and overtime is always readily available. Warehouse opportunities range from equipment operator and technicians to maintenance and management. The opportunities pay competitive salaries and allow different experiences.

  • Corrections

Dinerra Cotton, a former sergeant, made around $35,000 at an entry-level position in a corrections facility. She described her experience as follows; “In a setting where there are many challenges, there are good things as well. You learn how to communicate, be a leader, and be humble all at the same time. I like the challenges that came with it. You are around many different people and you learn how to adapt to it all.”

  • First Responders

Firefighters have to meet strict and strenuous physical fitness requirements, but more and more women are joining the team. Paramedics are also life-saving first responders with a rewarding job. Mimi Hulburt began her career earning $48,000 yearly. When asked why she chose her field she stated,” I always knew I wanted a job where I would be helping people. I’m not a person that needs recognition and I’m the closest thing some people will see to a doctor.”

Think outside of the box and you might discover your true calling.

Courtesy of April Pou and Pretty Grinders

April Nikki Pou and her alter ego, Dutchess Nik, hail from Baton Rouge, LA. She attended Southern University and A&M College. Her business, Pretty Grinders, was developed to educate, empower, expose and entertain women. She’s an author, poet, playwright, and blogger. She loves to connect with people with a clear mission.


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