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A Conversation with DeShonda on Blu Impressions, Childcare and More

In this interview, Christina speaks with DeShonda, a dynamic and multifaceted professional, to explore her unique journey and the essence of her “SwagHer.” DeShonda is not only a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother but also a successful Family Childcare Business Owner, Childcare Coach, speaker, and author. She shares her wisdom on starting a profitable home-based childcare business, offers advice to aspiring authors, and discusses the impactful role of Blu Impressions in her publishing journey.

Additionally, DeShonda reflects on how her upbringing in a small rural town and her belief in “It Takes a Village” have shaped her dedication to empowering families and supporting youth. Join us as we delve into DeShonda’s inspiring story and the principles that drive her commitment to community and professional excellence.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes DeShonda, DeShonda?

DeShonda: My “SwagHer” is my multifaceted identity, encompassing roles as a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, Family Childcare Business Owner, Childcare Coach, speaker, and author. My grace, determination, and commitment to empowering families define my unique essence.

Christina: Can you share a few tips from “How To Start A Quality Home Daycare,” and how they provide step-by-step guidance and practical strategies for parents and educators in the childcare industry?

DeShonda: For tips, go to You will get a FREE checklist of the Top 10 mistakes that will save you a lot of time and money as you pursue a career as a Home-Based Childcare Business owner. The book “How to Start a Quality Home Daycare” has been revised to “How to Start a Profitable Home-Based Childcare Business.” It has seven steps to Launching a Sustainable Business in 90 Days. Each step is broken down to give you a roadmap with doable steps to start your home-based childcare business.

Christina: What advice would you give to aspiring authors who are considering working with Blu Impressions?

DeShonda: I advise aspiring authors to embrace their unique experiences and expertise. I also encourage them to share practical strategies and step-by-step guidance in their writing, creating valuable resources for those seeking guidance in the industry. Blu Impressions will help them get their vision, words, and expertise into a print format that is unique to their brand. What I mean is that it may be a magazine, book, journal, or workbook.

Christina: How did your background in Early Childhood Education shape your understanding of the needs and challenges faced by children and their caregivers?

DeShonda: Growing up in a small rural town, my background in Early Childhood Education deepened my love for children. This upbringing gave me a firsthand understanding of the unique challenges families and caregivers face, inspiring commitment to creating nurturing environments for children.

Christina: Can you share a specific moment or experience during your journey with Blu impressions that stands out to you as particularly impactful or memorable?

DeShonda: My journey is new, but I will say the process so far has been great. Blu Impressions has taken my vision for my business workbook and designed it just as I wanted it, with some extra value that I did not think of.

Christina: As a client of Blu Impressions, what unique services or resources do they provide that you believe sets them apart from other publishing companies?

DeShonda: Blu Impressions customize their services. They understand that each author has their own unique expertise and their services bring the author’s words/expertise to life. I love that I can talk to the owner and express any edits, updates, deletions, and or additions. I also say that Blu Impressions has a personal approach. Keep it professional but also be able to have transparent discussions on the work.

Christina: How did your upbringing growing up in a small rural town shape your love for children, and how does your firm belief in “It Takes A Village” influence your approach to supporting youth and empowering families in your work?

DeShonda: My upbringing in a small rural town cultivated my love for children by providing a close-knit community where relationships were valued. The simplicity of my childhood environment instilled in me a genuine connection with children, influencing my dedication to making a positive impact on their lives.

My belief in “It Takes a Village” shapes my approach by emphasizing the collaborative effort needed to support youth and empower families. Beyond my coaching and writing, I also advocate for community involvement and collective responsibility, emphasizing the importance of collaboration for the well-being and development of children.

Christina: In what ways has Blu Impressions helped you navigate the ever-changing landscape of the publishing industry?

DeShonda: Blu Impressions has helped me to create a valuable workbook for women in business or those that want to transition into entrepreneurship. Blu Impressions has also helped me create multiple income streams from my one workbook.


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