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A Convo with “Shemama”

Wife, stay-at-home mom, homeschool teacher, entrepreneur, podcaster, and social media influencer are titles that describe Shenora Lechleidner, better known as “Shemama.” She is passionate about sharing, serving, and caring for humanity. In addition, Shemama empowers women from underneath the shirt as a bra replacement specialist in the Underwire Slayer Suite on Facebook. When she isn’t serving her family or clients, Shemama empowers her listeners on her podcast “Soul Purpose with Shemama.”  

Leticia: Could you tell me about Shemama and what she does?

Shemama: Shemama is a name that my Executive Chef Cousin Antoinette Alexander gave to me when I was in college. She told me I have a unique gift of nurturing those around me and telling them what to do. She has greatly supported my business and used that name in my online community. My clients began to catch on, and it just took off. So much so that I had to change my shopping link because no one knew who Shenora was when I went viral. The name is perfect for this business, but it is also just who I have always been. I love helping people feel good and be the best version of themselves in every aspect of life. 

Leticia: How did you become involved with Ruby Ribbon? 

Shemama: While my husband was out of state for work, my sweet and sturdy son decided to jump on my back in a shallow pool. I was not ready to brace myself, and I immediately lost the ability to walk upright. Not even a few days after the injury, my family friend Carmen Flores reached out to me to share her new business venture. I politely declined because I was trying to survive with three kids on my own with a hurt back. Little did I know, she had the solution I needed and sent me a Ruby Ribbon Nursing Cami. In July 2019, I took my bra off and stepped into comfort. My chiropractor advised me to keep wearing whatever I was wearing because it was helping my healing process. In July 2020, Carmen came to my home to have a safe-distance lunch just to catch up, and I asked her how I could pray for her business. Although she had asked me to be a stylist before, I declined because I never wanted a business. I would even help her at events just because I loved the products! Later that night, I joined the business just to see if it would boost her monthly goals. I had no idea how any of that worked. She convinced me to launch virtually in the Underwire Slayer Suite on July 6, 2020; my life has never been the same.

Leticia: What do you do for Ruby Ribbon?

Shemama:  I am an Associate Director and have had the privilege of being a stylist model on several occasions. I am also a part-time influencer since I have fun sharing bra freedom through Tik Tok and reels. 

Leticia: What exactly is a bra replacement specialist?

Shemama:  I am Shemama: The Underwire Slayer who specializes in helping women get rid of dangerous underwire. The process always starts with sizing. Our products do not size like bras.

We size #rocktheflat-56 Q cups. Our products are made for every woman, but they all fit differently. We have so many options that a personal Shemama experience is necessary to ensure the woman is educated on the products and has a perfect fit. 

Leticia: What are the benefits of wearing Ruby Ribbon undergarments and apparel? 

Shemama: Our products provide a gentle hug while giving great breast support without cutting off blood circulation and healthy lymphatic flow. 

Our fabric is moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, and provides 360° of variable compression so women can get a nice tuck without feeling stuck. Some of my testimonials include reduced breast inflammation, reduced fibrous tissue, comfort during flare-ups, comfort post-mastectomy, and the healing of rashes and underarm cysts after just a few months of making the switch.

Our quality apparel line allows women to shop their closets again and create a complete outfit that will take 1-3 inches off their waist. This promotes an immediate feeling of confidence, especially for women who have gone through surgeries or childbirth. However, these products are also made for tweens and teens. I have clients as young as nine years old who wear our Second Skin collection. 

In the past year, we have also added a Men’s compression tee because the husbands were jealous of the nice moisture-wicking and smoothing that their wives had. We have something for everyone.

Leticia: While being a stay-at-home mother, entrepreneur, wife, and podcaster, what have been your biggest challenges? 

Shemama: My biggest challenges have been boundaries. I love my clientele so much that I love being available whenever they need me. I love being able to be trusted with not just their bra drama but also their life celebrations and challenges. However, God and family must come first, or else it all suffers. I have also recently learned to focus on self-care in more ways than just being bra-free. Being home is a blessing, but a woman can lose herself and neglect her health while being of service. Ruby Ribbon is something I can call my own, but it is also a ministry! I have to take extra measures to fill my cup up as I pour out. 

Leticia: If a mom wants to start a business or pursue a certain dream but is unsure of how to balance it with life, what encouragement would you give her? 

Shemama: I would tell her to go for it at the appropriate time. Don’t psyche yourself into overthinking and not executing. Balance is a myth. We all have challenges, and the best way to get through them is with a growth mindset, accountability, and much prayer. I would also tell her to pray for who God has for her. Many women get discouraged because their spouses, friends, and family do not support their business. I have experienced many levels of disappointment, and it was to my advantage. God had to allow that hurt so that I could be open to who He had for me in order for my business to prosper. 

Lean into supportive and like-minded communities to help you grow! I know for a fact that I would not have the success I have if it were not for some of my Ruby Ribbon sisters and those who encourage me on and offline. My dream wasn’t to have a business. My dream has always been to impact the lives of others to the Glory of God. He is fulfilling that dream in the most unconventional way, and He will do that for you too! 

Leticia: If someone is interested in Ruby Ribbon or purchasing undergarments, how can they get in touch with you? 

Shemama: www.myshemama.com has all of my links to connect with me. The first step is measuring and Finding the Perfect fit. There is a sizing tutorial and a link to my very supportive Underwire Slayer Suite on Facebook. 

I encourage women to join my group at https://www.facebook.com/UnderwireSlayer/  because they can see the products on real women who may have a similar body type or brama. I also provide wallet-friendly shopping options and ways to win free products.

Follow Shemama on Instagram @mrsshemama or Facebook at UnderwireSlayer.


Interview Done by: Leticia Starks-Underwood| Leticia Starks-Underwood is an educator, mentor, student, and author.  She holds a B.A. in Biblical Literature from Taylor University Upland, and a Master’s and Doctorate in Christian Education from Cornerstone Bible College in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She currently is an educator at Cornerstone Christian College Prep Day and High School International in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She is the Founder and CEO of You Can Make It Books, LLC. She has published several books, including The You Can Make Series and The J & J Royal Kids Collections. She also serves as an international contributing writer for BlackNews.UK. You can follow her on Instagram @youcanmakeitinspiration.


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