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A Million Dollar Mindset w/ Priscilla Jankans

This month, we are shining a spotlight on Black Women Entrepreneurs aka Girl Bosses, who are making a difference in their communities. Today, we want to highlight queen Priscilla Jankans. Priscilla Jankans is on a mission to motivate people to build a legacy that involves working smart and autonomously. Known as the “Go-To” coach you need in your business, she is adept at identifying ways to turn influence and knowledge into profits. Priscilla champions the long-term payoff of intentionally pursuing purpose and passion.

This dope queen sat down with our lovely media correspondent, Brittany Passion, to discuss her multiple business ventures, motherhood, and more. 

Brittany: Before we get started, can you let everyone know your name, where you are from, and what it is that you do? 

Priscilla: Hello, I am Priscilla Jankans and I’m originally from Connecticut but reside in California.  I am a 36-year-old retired nurse executive turned serial entrepreneur. I’m also the owner of a nationwide medical staffing agency, a home healthcare agency, two consulting businesses, and a non-profit organization.

Brittany: Yes Queen, a true serial entrepreneur indeed. As we can see, throughout the years you have done so much including becoming a wife, mother, and more. So, how would you define “strategic success” and do you believe there is some sort of formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

Priscilla: My definition of strategic success is to master one thing at a time. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to become sidetracked and start multiple things without finishing the first thing. Execution is key. I don’t believe there is a particular formula to be successful as an entrepreneur and that’s the beauty of entrepreneurialism. However, self-discipline can and will make or break you. 

Brittany: Execution is definitely key. You also touched on having self-discipline and not being sidetracked. Can you speak on that discipline and how has being an entrepreneur affected or impacted your family and social life? 

Priscilla: Being an entrepreneur has impacted my life for the better. Having control of your time (schedule) allows for more freedom in day-to-day life. This is important to me because I love traveling with my two boys (aged one and three) and my husband. 

Brittany: Freedom is very important, especially for everything that you are involved in. Can you describe a time you wanted to give up and what motivated you to keep going? And what motivates you to keep going now? 

Priscilla: I was fortunate enough to have a full-time career when I began my first business so I haven’t experienced a true moment where I felt I wanted to give up. I am an entrepreneur at heart; despite my extensive formal education, I knew that I could never retire from the corporate world. With all of this being said – there have been moments where I’ve had to step back momentarily and re-strategize my business plans, etc. 

Brittany: That is truly a blessing queen. Well, other like-minded entrepreneurs are wondering, what tricks or habits have you discovered that keep you focused in your busy day-to-day schedule? 


Priscilla: Self-discipline 

   Having a team in place to help you execute 

   Focus on the end-goal 

   Chase the freedom, not the money 

Brittany: Thank you for those tips. Now, let’s switch gears a little. You are a woman of many hats and you still find time to give back.  Can you tell us more about your non-profit ” Nurses For George” and what inspired you to create it?

Priscilla: Nurses for George is a 501c non-profit organization that is inspired by the thousands of nurses that advocate for racial justice in response to the murder of George Floyd. To make a long story short… We give back DIRECTLY to the community by providing mental healthcare services, food, clothing, etc. 

Brittany: That is truly amazing and much-needed, like-minded individuals coming together for a greater cause.  In addition to Nurses For George, you also give back to other entrepreneurs. Talk to us about your “Million Dollar” Workshop. When is it, what can people expect, and how does one sign up?

Priscilla: The Million Dollar Entrepreneur & Small Business Workshop is an event that assists aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs to increase their profits by utilizing important education such as learning how to get their businesses certified, federal contracting, branding, marketing, how to sell to public figures and large corporations, how to get sponsors, and etc. 

In addition, we’ll be enjoying a gourmet breakfast, lunch, and premium cocktails. 

For tickets and a complete itinerary please visit www. BrandproCEO.com or www.Priscillajankans.com 

Some of our current sponsors are Pepsi, Mandalay Bay, Grey Goose, ESPN, and more. 

Brittany: Queen, it has been an honor to sit down and speak with you, and on behalf of Swagher Magazine, we want to say thank you. I wish you nothing but success and many blessings.

Please make sure you follow Priscilla Jankans:  @priscilla_jankans  or  www.Priscillajankans.com. You can follow us @swaghermagazine and follow our media correspondent Brittany Passion @brittany_passion

-Brittany Passion

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